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Thread: 7th Annual Gaithersburg 1100, May 19, 2018, SpeedZone Slot Car Raceway, Mt. Holly, NJ

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    7th Annual Gaithersburg 1100, May 19, 2018, SpeedZone Slot Car Raceway, Mt. Holly, NJ

    Well the 7th Annual Gaithersburg 1100 is now in the record books. Tony Moore and I would like to thank SpeedZone Slot Car Raceway and Mic Byrd for hosting this year's event. The Gerding G9 was well prepped and raced extremely well.

    I also want to thank the 16 racers that joined us at this new venue. Those that didn't make it missed a good race. We did see lots of GB 1100 veterans, but we also saw many new competitors. If we had an award for the racer that travelled the farthest, this year's winner would be Ralph Josey. Ralph was a former racer at The Track but he moved to FL. We were very glad he made a guest appearance. Thanks, Ralph...

    Nothing new on the tech side, but we have adopted the new 83mm width and will consider new body choices for next year. However, motors will stay the same, PS FKs and American S16ds...

    We did change up qualifying some. For F1's we did 30 seconds Laps and Segments and for NASCAR we did 30 seconds Fastest Lap. So I hope all were pleased with this choice.

    Below are the Race Result by class. I want to congratulate Greg Mayer for winning both classes. Greg is a consummate racer. He came to the track prepared and was there on Friday afternoon testing and tuning his cars. His hard work definitely paid off. However, during the race he was not without his problems. In both classes he found himself behind early in the race. Greg did fight back in both classes and it was not until the 8th Heat in F1 and the 7th Heat in NASCAR that he eventually took the lead.

    F1 Results
    1 Greg Mayer 578
    2 Bobby Davis 576
    3 Matt Bruce 570
    4 Billy Bell 555
    5 Dale Granger 551
    6 Jim Harter 550
    7 Don Perry 535
    8 Nick Good 517
    9 Ralph Josey 516
    10 Tony Moore 500
    11 Tim Hoffman 471
    12 Dave Brooks 457
    13 Mic Byrd 434
    14 Rob Geibel 416
    15 Mark Lawshe 347
    16 Pop Davis 316

    NASCAR Results
    1 Greg Mayer 631
    2 Matt Bruce 615
    3 Adam Chaya 601
    4 Billy Bell 598
    5 Jim Harter 595
    6 Don Perry 559
    7 Tony Moore 534
    8 Nick Good 478
    9 Tim Hoffman 445
    10 Ralph Josey 389
    11 Dale Granger 307
    12 Mark Lawshe 231
    13 Bobby Davis 154
    14 Dave Brooks 96
    15 Mic Byrd 15

    For those interested, I have also attached a snapshot of the past racing records that I have from the previous 7 GB 1100s...

    Again, I want to thank everyone that took part in making this race and the series so successful. I want to especially thank my partner, Tony Moore, for his hard work, advice and support in making the GB 1100 as successful as it is. Tony, I could not do it without you...

    See you all again next May for the 8th GB 1100...

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    Indeed I missed a good race. I built cars and had the box packed but my work would not permit it. Looks like you had the optimum turnout. Nice work Bill and Tony.

    Congrats to the top finishers. I heard some of the nascars speeds were wicked fast. Allowing the clearance down must have helped. Did anyone have to change tires?
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    Sorry you couldn’t make it. We did miss you and lots of the other former Gaithersburg racers. Yes, we did have a good turnout but Tony and I look forward to growing the race at SpeedZone.

    Both the F1 and NASCAR were speedy, but I think you’re right that the stockcars exhibited the greatest increase in speed. I teched each car and they varied greatly in clearance. However, I don’t know if anyone changed tires. I saw nothing on the track where someone was dragging. The 2 min break was certainly enough time to change tires if people were prepared with a 2d set ready to go. There is nothing in the rules that prohibit changing tires, it’s just another option in a racer’s kit bag...

    We hope to see you next year...

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    Speedzone is a very nice place to race Mic Byrd has a well stocked parts counter and all the tracks are really nice! The races were tough Bobby Davis in Indy and Matt Bruce in Nascar were really fast had a great race with both of them. I liked laps and sections for Indy and best lap time for Nascar made everyone happy. Don I started my cars about .062 clearance with .765 tires they wore down to about .740. Definitely be back next year!



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