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Thread: Between the Lanes Episode #43 with hosts Ralph Thorne & Ron Hershman

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    Between the Lanes Episode #43 with hosts Ralph Thorne & Ron Hershman

    Episode #43 of Between the Lanes - Slot Car Talk Show, with Ralph Thorne and Ron Hershman. This week Ralph and Ron discuss Race Results, Upcoming Races and the 2018 Flexi Palooza Race @ Down River Speedway.

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    I can't get this thread on OWH but I can get it on You Tube. It was a very good episode. Just two things I thought you should have explored a little more. The crooked mounted bodies that Ralph noticed. Since both of the Mossetti chassis have similar dimensions, except for the outriggers, I have gone to mounting all my bodies using the Patriot that way I don't have to worry about the Defenders outriggers interfering with the body. Just a thought. The other thing was that even though the Flexi Palooza had more entries then any recent flexi race it was missing a lot of very good racers who have won many flexi races over the last couple of years. This could easily morph into a race with 100+ racers if the field would show up and if the organizers would allow it to happen.
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