I was forced to step away from my track a year and a half ago and set all things slot car aside to concentrate on other things that required my attention. Dropped in the blog a few months back to say hi and mention I hoped to reopen but haven't got to the point I can reopen just yet. Still plan to however.
Today....I checked the raceway list for SC. Where did everybody go?? There were several tracks in SC not long ago but now.... one in Woodruff, Rock Hill and a Drag in Inman. I don't know how busy they are but I'm shocked there are so few.
Today I learned there is one....just one track in Georgia?

I don't want to trigger negative reviews, gossip or personal insults but is there any explanation of what's happened and where we are right now? Is this cyclical? Where are all those tracks? Stored? lost forever? in private ownership? I'm sorry I'm so in the dark but I had no idea so much would change in a year.