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Thread: which Controllers are banned?

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    "Sam, I haven't seen you post on the other board for a few weeks. Are you still there?"

    In the words of Noose...."So at the end of the day I would say you need to earn the right to comment so lavishly on what retro racing should do and not do."

    When I get my merit badge earning me the right to post, I'll post again. But not till the thread on Swiss's modified weighted guide is unlocked. But it's funny that a guy tells me I haven't earned my right to comment, but has not raced anything since the 60s till now. His only earned points are with Retro starting around 2002. I've been racing since the early 70s and have raced Womps, Flexis,wire & brass Box-15, Int-15 Wing(built my own chassis),Oval racing, Parma Int-32 spec racing, Modern Box-12 Wing, FCR Hardbody racing, Retro, Oval Club racing using scratch built chassis(mine) and others I have forgotten. Noose had a 40 year sit out racing nothing and says I haven't earned my right to post. This from a guy who uses chassis supplied to him. I have built my own or have modified most every chassis I use. So why haven't I earned my slot car comment badge? I guess Swiss has a full vest of badges since he comments on every post there. And he's ALWAYS right. And is ALWAYS better. And ALWAYS did it first. Must be nice being such a stable genius.

    (this should be split off into it's own thread...Weighing the pros and cons of weighted guides)
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