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    Phoenix Motors

    Has anyone gained experience with these? Do they really compare to an X12? How would you gear them for flexy racing where 3-1 is typical?
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    My flexi fiesta test car is 13/37 for the flat track and 14/37 for the king. Some are trying 34-35T spurs until they burn up. Have not counted wire, but the arms might have 29ga wire on them.
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    Don, they are not comparable to a GP12 motor unless your talking about a sealed 12 which isn't comparable to a built 12. I have 2 and mine sound less impressive than my S16C motors. I would gear them like the motor card says 13x37 and play around with tire diameters. If you plan on racing in the Flexi-Pro race in Durham they are requiring a 13T 64P pinion. The two motors I have are very torquey with a lot of brakes, very strong magnets, one sounds good and one has a problem I haven't been able to correct yet. You'll probably be able to reduce the brake setting on your controller to near zero. One more thing, my motors do not have balancing marks on them so my guess is they are not balanced in the conventional way.
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