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Thread: Help Correct a Travesty!

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    Help Correct a Travesty!

    There is a Hall of Fame for just about anything. And Toys are no exception. There is a National Toy Hall of Fame, each year announcing new inductees. Slot cars, inexplicably, have yet to be inducted.

    I get that some folks don't view them as 'toys,' But their branching off into, for some, a serious racing hobby belies the fact that they were introduced, marketed, and developed primarily as toys. And for awhile in the 60's and into the 70's they were THE predominant hobby, especially for young boys.

    In looking at the website, one of the criteria is that the toy have some longevity. While slots never wholly went away, the argument can be made that the hobby has had 'legs.' They've also become part of the 1:1 scale automobile lexicon, with cars frequently being touted as 'handling like slot cars' in advertising collateral and magazine articles.

    Lets correct this travesty? I encourage everyone to log into the National Toy Hall of Fame and nominate slot cars! They need to be overwhelmed with nominations and support!!!


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    Thanks for the post. My nomination is in.

    Can you believe tic-tac-toe was nominated?
    Don't resist....VOTE !

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    It may be mostly European, but ISRA has a Hall of Fame.

    Greg N


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