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Thread: LapMaster version 3.27 has been released.

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    LapMaster version 3.27 has been released.

    Following the tradition of semi-annual updates, a new version of the LapMaster program has been released and are available for download from the support website http://www.lapmaster.dk

    Please remember to uninstall the old version from the Windows "Add or remove programs", before you install the new version.
    ​This will still keep all of your data on your computer.

    The changes for this version are:
    3.27 – 10/Sep/2018
    - Start option (In Advanced Race Options) to use a fast start countdown after trackcall.
    - Web Publish – Support for Video LiveStream from several sources. i.e. YouTube, Facebook, Twich or UStream.
    - Optimized how font scale works, to display more data inside the fields on the main screen.
    - Make “Speedway” show the points on the scoreboard.
    - Insert link to the Facebook support page.
    - The path to the history file now contains a subdirectory for each year.

    At the same time I would like to take this opportunity to point out the new Facebook "LapMasterLive" page.

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