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Thread: I hate this

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    I hate this

    I placed a wanted add and somebody else saw it and messaged the person who replied to my add and bought it from under me , thanks a lot for doing that and next time place your own add

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    Hi Thunderthumb,

    I'm sorry that someone beat you to the item you were seeking on your thread.

    I thought I saw a bunch of posts here debating if you got sniped or hijacked or what-not...
    in another thread... so I thought I'd better respond.

    For those who believe it's strictly "first come first serve" or "ya snooze ya lose"... I would tend to disagree.
    I sincerely believe that if this happened to them, that they too would be upset.

    I'm hoping that the person who grabbed the offer did not have bad intentions,
    but was perhaps not aware they were breaking any sort of protocall for classified ad "wanted" threads.

    I don't want to debate or preach about what might be the proper internet etiquette here,
    but to merely state that the philosophy I try to adhere to here on the OWH Slot Car Talk forum is "The Golden Rule".
    "Do unto others, as you would have them do unto to you"
    or basically to treat others with the same courtesy and respect that you wish to be treated.

    Mainly - we need to keep in mind that we are FRIENDS here - a bunch of old weird geeks who share a love for this same little weird hobby,
    whether we have met in person or only online, from all corners of the planet.
    So let's behave like friends, OK?

    Or I could just say "My board - my rules" - but "my rules" are mostly based on The Golden Rule.

    So... I would tend to agree with your first post... if someone is also seeking the same or similar item...
    then "next time place your own ad".

    I'm hoping that you are able to find a similar item from someone else who has contacted you.

    Happy New Year!!!

    Paul K @ OWH
    (aka "mom")
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    I would have asked the seller if the OP has responded first. But that's me. Some people just don't have any blog manners. One way to avoid getting bamboozled out of a desired item would be to ask that responses be PMd.
    Don't resist....VOTE !


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