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Thread: gear ratio help

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    gear ratio help

    Local track is putting in a drag strip, trying to help by being one of the first to build a car.

    Have a model car to use and bought a JDS Gasser chassis. JDS chassis is very nice with great instructions

    Track is suppose to be 1/4 mile

    We plan on running a simple break out series

    Have a 16D to use

    Measured the tires in the model and I'm using a rear that's going to be about 1.125 to 1.150 by .500 wide

    What gear ratio should I use

    for full 1/4 mile


    1/8 mile

    Can I run a rear tire that's only .435 wide?

    Thanks Everyone


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    I run the same gearing on all 3 lengths, personal choice. I also use the Pro Slot roll out gearing calculator for my gearing choices. Bigger the pinion size the softer the launch off the line. I have steered away from the 64 pitch gears and started using 48 pitch. I am getting a much smoother and easier to set gear mesh. I use 9 and 10 tooth pinions with that size tire for 16ds.
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