Holy Slot Cars Batman!

Bruce Wayne & Dick Grayson take some time away from crime fighting as the Caped Crusader Batman and his sidekick Robin... along with Aunt Harriet & Alfred the butler, to enjoy some slot car racing.

In the first scene we see Bruce & Dick doing some racing on a 2 lane track on the living room floor.

Later in the same episode, Aunt Harriet surprises them with a huge 4 lane dream track, so all 4 of them can enjoy some slot car racing.

"I don't know how you constructed this playroom as a surprise without us knowing about it, Aunt Harriet" - says Bruce.

"This slot car raceway - it's the coolest, Aunt Harriet!" - adds Dick.

"Well Alfred was a big help" - replies Aunt Harriet.

This appeared in the Classic 1966 - 1968 Batman TV series.

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