Following the tradition of new software upgrades twice a year for the LapMaster race management system,

I am proud to announce the release of LapMaster 3.28.

It is available for free download from the support website

Besides the usual small tweeks, there is at least one change that will be noted by every racer running on a track with the LapMaster system.

A new starting option have been added that allows you to play a "Jump start" game, provided that you use optical sensors on your track.
This will not be used by that many people, and it is not this addition in itself that will be noticed.

However a consequence of this addition the starting procedure, the lights, the countdown, and the actual applying of power has been changed.
This will be noticed as it applies to all starts, race or trackcall.

Previously the sequence has been "3, 2, 1, Go" and then power came on a second later.
Now it will be "3, 2, 1, [Power] and Go at the same time".

I honestly think the change is for the better, but racers might be caught out the very first time they try the changed procedure.

So maybe we need to pre-warn them.

The list of changes are:

3.28 – 09/Marts/2019
- Make sure the “Position” is updated after the race stops.
- Allow longer driver names on the Scoreboard. (From 20 to 40 char).
- Possibility to use two lines for driver names.
- Fixed LiveTiming setup problem w/missing “LiveTimeLoaderUStream.htm”.
- Add highlight to “BestTime” when it changes.
- The option “Announce leader” has been removed from the program.
- A bug in ranking and winner announcement has been fixed for race forms where a low value is the best result. (I.e. racing number of laps at the lowest possible time.)
- Race format “Heat race, Advancing” has been renamed to “Heat race, Move-up”.
- New starting procedure, sound, lights and actual starts are now synchronised.
- “Fast start” after trackcall now say’s “Ready, Go”.
- New staring option “Direct start” and “False start detect”.
- Added ability to select any colour in the RGB system as lane colour.
- Track setup only displaying fields for the selected number of lanes.
- Lane selection now has a 3’rd button (Enter) so that it can be operated solely by the mouse.
- The shortcut key to reset a counter has been changed from ALT+Fx to just Fx.