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Thread: 6-lane reverse grandstand for sale in central Missouri

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    "Mid-sized" 6-lane reverse grandstand for sale in central Missouri

    Just starting out? Thinking about opening a commercial track? A thought for your consideration... MANY of your "Mini-mall" spots with that all-important "foot-traffic" that are anchored by a chain Grocery store, a Kohl's, or a Target, will offer "Small sq footage" additional store-fronts for you to rent, (40' deep x 20' wide is common) & HERE'S where this track shines. It's 116 ft in length, with a 31 x 16 footprint, (NOT for example, 48 X 26, or even bigger) so that you'll be able to have room for a fair amount of customers along with your track, WITHOUT having to rent TWO of these mall spaces, which then involves knocking out walls, long-term leases, Double RENT, & double utilities. (for Starters) yet it STILL has 4.5" lane centers, Xtra-wide turn outer-aprons, extra-high rubber covered walls (5") to help keep the cars ON the track, & OFF the floor, & in one piece. (We ALL been here...TRACK!.. then 1/2 a lap, & TRACK! then ANOTHER 1/2 lap, & you guessed it, TRACK!...good grief...) 8" vertical clearance between upper, & lower levels of the donut "overpass" to make pitting cars under the bridge a "job" as opposed to a nightmare... note the WIDE radius of the "Under the Bank" 180. MOST grandstands have some ridiculous super-narrow 12" wide radius turn there so you have to find some guy that's 5'11" & 98 lbs; who can actually pry himself into that miniscule narrow gap... It's a Custom-built Chris Dadd's product. Like BRAND NEW condition. NEVER been taken apart, NEVER been shoved into some musty/moldy old storage shed.. Original Braid, also like new... Currently set-up for you to test, & race on. Comes COMPLETE right down to the last extension cord. 42" Monitor. Lap-master computerized race system. NICE speakers with sub-woofer. 90 amp A/C power unit (no, it's NOT some automotive car-battery-charger) with group 30 battery that works perfect as a capacitor. Two separate power tie-ins, so there's NO "slow 1/2" of the track, even for high-amp cars. Built Especially so that custom extention's can be added to the 2 main straightaways. (Call Chris Dadds for that, as they are NOT included) Painted legs, (2 coats commercial-grade exterior paint) & green felt-covered infield, (1000$ of added cost for those 2 options) MANY MORE features, too many to list here. Don't forget the WAIT-TIME involved (A Year? maybe MORE, & roughly twice the cost, should you choose to buy NEW...) You'll need at least a long-bed pick-up, plenty of moving blankets, & be pulling a 16' x 8', or 20' x 8' "U-haul" trailer to fit it all... This AIN'T some battle-scared, wore-out, braid-ravaged, band-aid-fixed, that's been shoved into a moldy-storage-locker-for-10-years-going-gigantic-hunk-a-junk. THIS, is as good as it gets in a mid-sized, PRO BUILT, commercial-grade, good as NEW, feature-packed track, & if it don't sell, well, that's the way it goes. Call 573-302-4555 ask for Steve. 6,000$ CASH. & again, YOU Missouri racers, if you're interested in having large, "Come one, come all" festival-style races once or twice a year, CALL ME! `cuz nothing happens, & you think you got all the time in the world, & then POOF! it's GONE/SOLD, along with ANY hope of any "KC/St. Louis" shootout slot-car raphp?attachmentid=18037&d=1553567686[/IMG]
    cing for anyone.

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