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Thread: Lexus Has a 'One Track Mind' in Zippy Slot Car Campaign

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    Lexus Has a 'One Track Mind' in Zippy Slot Car Campaign

    Spot Welders’ Mischa Meyer edits the new spot for an all-new 2020 Lexus model

    by Spot Welders

    April 5, 2019

    In Lexus' latest marketing campaign for its all-new 2020 limited-production model RC F Track Edition, Spot Welders collaborated with Team One and RadicalMedia to edit the luxury automotive brand's ‘One Track Mind’ ad.

    The eye-catching, zippy spot edited by Mischa Meyer, showcases Lexus’ unparalleled approach to high performance.

    ‘One Track Mind’ depicts slot cars zooming around a racetrack. With its engine roaring, the car enters the race, disrupting the status quo by nimbly careening in and out of the slot cars. A voiceover chimes in, “Introducing freedom from the bounds of convention.” The RC F Track Edition then takes a climatic turn off the racecourse towards its own road, where it’s joined by the Lexus RC F and rides off into the sunset.

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