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Thread: 8th Annual Gaithersburg 1100, 18 May 2019, SpeedZone, Mt Holly, NJ

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    8th Annual Gaithersburg 1100, 18 May 2019, SpeedZone, Mt Holly, NJ

    18 May 2019 brought the 8th Annual Gaithersburg 1100 to SpeedZone for the second year. I want to extend a special thanks to Mic Byrd and the staff of SpeedZone for providing us a great venue to race. The track was prepped and ready by 1300 of Friday afternoon. The G9 was fast right from the first lap. I also want to thank some special people who traveled the farthest; Ralph Josey was the winner coming from Florida. Other travelers included Greg Mayer and Fred Younkin. I also want to extend a very special thanks to Tony Moore, my partner in this race for the last 8 years, with whom this race wouldn’t happen.

    2019 Gaithersburg 1100 F1 Final

    This was the best race of the day. TQ went to Adam Chaya with a 3.875. We split the group into 10 in the B Main and 8 in the A Main. Bill Gerhart set the pace in the B Main and ended with a total of 549 laps. With the start of the A Main we had a lot of dicing for the lead. From his 6th starting spot, Greg Mayer took the early lead. Bobby Davis was the next to take the point, but it was Dale Granger who established himself as the man to best for heats 6 and 7. Leading into the 8th and final heat, Dale had Bobby by 2 laps with 2 minutes to remain. As the clock wound down, Bobby pushed his car as hard as he could. Bobby Davis caught Dale Granger at the lead on just as time expired and slid past him for the win. The margin of victory was about 6 inches after 565 laps and 40 minutes of racing. Congrats to both drivers for a hard fought race.

    Final Results

    1. Bobby Davis 565
    2. Dale Granger 565
    3. Greg Mayer 558
    4. Adam Chaya 558
    5. Bill Gerhart 549
    6. Jon Madtes 546
    7. Pops Davis 525
    8. Mic Byrd 520
    9. Mark Lawshe 520
    10. Don Perry 509
    11. Billy Bell 507
    12. Fred Younkin 496
    13. Bill Sutton 490
    14. Rob Geibel 489
    15. Nick Good 487
    16. Tony Moore 470
    17. Ralph Josey 446
    18. Tim Mount 442

    2019 Gaithersburg 1100 NASCAR Final

    Now for the fastest race of the day. We had a few less participants, 13 down for the F1 total of 18. After the qualifying dust settled, TQ went to Greg Mayer with a 3.439. Again we broke it into 3 mains with 7 in the B Main and 6 in the A Main. Jon Madtes paced the B Main with a total of 583. With the start of the A Main, Greg Mayer extended TQ lead and dominated the race. Greg built up a lead of 20 laps at one point in the race. As the 8th heat began, Greg had a 10 lap lead. This is when Nick Good buckled down and went to work. With about 30, Nick was 7 laps down. Greg spun a gear, and slowed dramatically. At about 10 seconds Nick was 4 laps down. When time ran out, Nick was left 2 laps short. Congrats to Greg May for the victory and Nick Good for a hard fought 2nd place.

    Final Results

    1. Greg Mayer 599
    2. Nick Good 597
    3. Dale Granger 594
    4. Jon Madtes 583
    5. Bill Gerhart 575
    6. Adam Chaya 544
    7. Billy Bell 534
    8. Fred Younkin 516
    9. Tim Mount 488
    10. Ralph Josey 468
    11. Tony Moore 434
    12. Mic Byrd 411
    13. Don Perry 87

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    Had a great time looking forward to next year.

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    Excellent place to race wish I lived closer!!!! Had a great time racing with everyone!

    Greg Mayer

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    As Billy said, thanks to Mic and Speedzone for the venue availability and track preparation.

    Billy and I appreciated everyone who attended.

    special thanks for Billy who posted rules, general communications and ran two stellar races.

    Photos will uploaded within an week or two.

    See everyone next year or at at least at a Penn-Jersey or ECFS race.

    OWH Slotographer

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    Thanks Mic and SpeedZone. Great racing. I’ll be back next year.

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    Had a fun time as always. Barb and I enjoy racing with the Gaithersburg 1100 group. Hope to see everyone next year. Thanks to Mic and Speedzone for putting this on since Mimi gave up on us.

    I forgot someone. THANK YOU VERY MUCH JON MADTES. Without your help fixing my broken rear axle I wouldn't have finished the race. The wreck that broke it was glorious. I wish we could have had video of it.
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    Thank you again to Bill D and Tony M. Me and dad always have a great time. You guys always put on a great race. Thank you Mic for saving me those two motors as well as Speedzone for the beautiful race facility. Also Greg Mayer for all your kind help and great cars.! We will be back next year
    East Coast Flexi Series


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