In the time I've been cooling my jets and trying to reacquire the basics to reopen, I've been looking around and seeing where many of the tracks I knew are gone. Some very strong tracks have remained of course but we can probably all name them by heart there are so few. This isn't a thread about the ones that are gone. I'm just teeing up my inquiry.

As I ready for a reopen, maybe fall of 2020 but no promises since I am having to buy everything retail without an actual store front, I am considering adding a plastic Carerra and Scalextric racing track. I don't expect my regular 1/24 guys to do anything but watch but I believe there is a segment of the population that would like to buy a realistic hobby race car and come race on a track larger than they can race on at home. Even if it's only modestly successful, it could be a racing population that show up when the 1:24 folks are on a break. Plus I've gotten to where I like them. They just look cool.

I would like to hear from anyone that has used this commercially or that has a huge track. I'm trying to begin to try and get a feel form what is involved. Will I need additional power supplies for example. What classes are preferred on these tracks? Are there any larger set ups for sale? I scanned the tracks for sale but didn't find this part of slot racing participating.

i'm not looking for philosophical debates about whether traditional commercial guys will get excited about this, I don't expect them to. I'm looking at diversification and the need for immediate gratification that is typical for many who just aren't willing to start at the bottom and learn how to build and race a regular slot car. I might even add a couple of coin operated games in there to try and create more financial stability at the base. Since I'm just sitting and waiting anyway, might as well grow my offerings. And if you have a Parma turbo 4 ohm, I still trying to get my rental controllers purchased. Let me know and we can talk about getting those off your hands.