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    John has the right to do whatever the hell he wants to do. As I said before, this is America. We have the "Right to bare arms". Then wind them any damned way we please. Just because ONE narcissistic troll's fragile egg shell ego couldn't handle it is HIS problem. John NEVER replicated ANY approved arm tags. EVER! You said: "If you hand-wind perfect replicas of USRA spec arms" THIS NEVER HAPPENED! EVER!!! In any way whatsoever! Why would you accuse him of this? John has NEVER attempted to replicate ANY approved arms used in ANY organized racing. EVER! You give an example of intentional fraud in the classic car market by sellers who may be "forgetful' or reticent" about the truth. WHY? Are you inferring in some way that John is committing fraud or being "forgetful' or reticent" with the truth? Intentional or not? REALLY? How do you justify making such a potentionally libelous reference ? And may I add, a completely ridiculous reference too. One where tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars are at stake.

    John's arms are easily identified even without a tag or engraving. His powder coating is a distinct color and can be detected by even a one eyed tech inspector. Even Ray Charles could detect John's arms.
    And he's DEAD!

    If you run a race that advertises that there is NO TECH, then it is on YOU! If built motors are allowed and the race director does not require a pre race tech inspection, then the results are 100% on that race director and not anyone else. But as is the case with narcissistic personality disorder, they can't EVER find fault with themselves. (see post #4) There are other manufactures who make arms to fit mini-cans. Are they under any scrutiny or trolling by "King of the Trolls"? Are they being splattered with "well-intentioned comments"?

    John has and will continue to do what he does. He just can't be trolled by moderators now.

    BTW. . . This is not the first nor will it be the last case of members doing what John did as a result of trolling by a moderator or as you call it "well-intentioned comments".
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