Yet another update of the Race management and lap counter software has been release.
It is available for download from

Maybe the most interesting new thing is the new "Team race" mode.
This is just like traditional individual "Heat race", but the drivers specified to be on the same team has their results added to form a team counter (during racing).
This makes it much more interesting to be a turn marchal since most likely your team mate is driving.
Unlike traditional "Team racing", this mode also allows several members of the same team to be on the track at the same time (each driving his own car of cause).

The complete list of changes are here:

3.29 – 27/Jan/2020
- New race format “Team counting”.
- New racing format “Crash & Burn”.
- Using “/” in name field to signify multiple lines where practical.
- Do not announce result for empty tracks.
- The options for “Roll counter” and “HalfSizeFont” has been reintroduced.
- During “Time seller mode”, the driver field contains a lane or LaneColor reference.
- Changed Speedway points so that they are retained on display on the ScoreBoard.
- Fixed issue with missing ScoreBoard heading updates when Race Mode changed.
- More checks to prevent setups with invalid rotation when lanes area disabled.
- Delay “Power on” until after “Go” for non jump-start-modes. (Old style).
- The remembering of preferred “Heat distribution” has been revised.
- New optional Driver-Comment field can be used for ie. Team, Club or Car-make.
- Swedish language optimization, real Swedish and back to the term “Track Call”.
- Speed selection (Drop down) for “Drivers name” and “Comment”.
- “RaceClass” changed to use the same Drop-down memory system as above.
- LiveTiming and statistics display the stint duration for better information.
- A lot of work in the area of multi-track racing.