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Thread: Building Drag Track

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    Building Drag Track

    Does anyone have plans or blueprints for building a 1/4 track?

    We are looking into what our options for and before I start building blue prints or plans, I thought I'd see if someone has something started.

    If so, and you don't mind sharing email me at sduffey131@gmail.

    It will be a business track.


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    12 miles south of P.A.'s
    I tried to email this to you, but got an invalid email message when trying to use the address you have posted.

    P.A. Watson has a ready to go King track in storage and the start of a drag strip, but his current location is too small to setup the drag strip.
    Call or email him, at the info below


    cell should be 281-910-3062

    Shop should be 832-243-6566

    Good Luck on your shop, you should talk to P.A. about being part of the TSRA when you open.

    George Marsanick


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