I am looking for someone who just wishes they had a track to wire every day!
I've got three tracks needing some wiring help. One really just needs to have wire drops attached and timing plugged in. Not that big a deal. The second has the wire drops pulled but needs the P/S attached and the dead spot checked for some loose wires underneath. Then the third....might not be a big deal or it might. Had an old system with some extra wires....lane rental stuff I think. I'm converting it to lapmaster. It has the relays and all the normal looking pieces but it's all that extra wiring that has me a little shy about getting in there and pulling stuff out. It's more a fear of what I don't know than a lack of confidence in what I do know. The orange also needs the power pulled and drops attached.

Anyway...I have a small budget to pay someone. Not operational yet so it's just the household budget so far. But would really appreciate the helping hand and will compensate as much as I can.

Upstate Speedway in Spartanburg, SC