Hey Everyone,
We are about 2 weeks out from our Drag strip build. I've got all the timing system pieces that are needed.
I'm now trying to get the coordinator software purchased.

What is everyone using?
I'd like some input from the owners perspective.

Also, Would anyone have a list of general rules they use for drag racing? I'm not really looking for class specific, more like general items.

For instance, I've heard stories of racers entering a car but then running a different car. an example would be if Chris entered his Nova, but pulls a faster car first round, he may switch to his Vega in order to run better.
I want to prevent this from happening and while I personally think it would be easy to avoid, I'd like to try to establish a fail proof system.
Maybe Every Car is assigned a number?

Also, Do most tracks run a timer in between races in order to give the same "prep" time to all?

Thanks Everyone. I've learned a ton thus far, and I know we've only scratched the surface.