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Thread: Passing of Marlon Reed

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    Passing of Marlon Reed

    Hey guys, this is Phil. my Father (mcrracer or Marlon) was a long time member on OWH. on Sunday, my father passed away. For over 40 years Marlon owned numerous slot car businesses from Chicago to Virginia Beach. throughout the years, my father would tell me about the great friends he made in the industry, many of them on this forum, and some even living overseas. to those of you who befriended or did business with my dad over the years, I am forever grateful. Please keep my family in your prayers. Thanks and God Bless

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    Sorry to hear about him passing away.
    Owl Chump

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    So sorry to hear of the passing of Marlon.

    Although I never had the pleasure of meeting him in person, I feel that I have gotten to know him
    from his years of participation here on OWH Slot Car Talk.

    I know he had often talked about wanting to open up another raceway some time,
    so it is obvious that he had a real love for the slot car hobby, as so many of us do.

    He will be missed and remembered by all of us who's lives he has touched,
    from those who knew him in "real life", or in our hobby, and those who have shared his love for the hobby online.

    Regards to the family.

    - Paul K @ OWH
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    RIP Marlon, Condolances to the family.
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