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Thread: Carrera Digital slot car 143 track - HUGE LOT - 160+ track pieces - SOLD!

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    Carrera Digital slot car 143 track - HUGE LOT - 160+ track pieces - SOLD!

    Carrera Digital slot car 143 track - HUGE LOT - 160+ track pieces

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    This is a massive lot of Carrera race track items. I was an avid collector that bought many sets to combine into a massive track. Definitely see the pictures for the unbelievable configuration we were able to do with these exact items. It was impossible to get the entire collection into a single photo. Get this in time to set it up for an unforgettable lifetime memory--- revealing it this holiday! I would have pretty much jumped out of my skin in excitement if I had been presented this, all at once, as a kid.

    Here is what's included in this monster "set." It has everything you would need to create an amazing functioning set immediately.

    • Short straight pieces - 48
    • Long straight pieces - 71
    • Lane change pieces - 17
    • )( - shaped chicanes pieces - 8
    • Four way Intersection pieces - 3
    • Flat short curve pieces - 2
    • Banked short curve pieces - 32
    • Flat, long curve pieces - 52
    • Loop pieces (1 track, with paint) long - 8
    • Loop pieces (1 track) long - 104
    • Loop pieces (1 track) short - 28
    • Start/Finish pieces - 7
    • Lap Counter pieces - 8
    • Long Ramp pieces - 3
    • Long Ramp landing pieces - 3

    There is also a few shopping bags full of the guard rail meters, guard rail supports, guardrail connecting pieces, end pieces, track connectors/fastening pieces, guardrails, stackable track support posts, track support bases, flexible support heads, race cars, etc.
    Please see the details below of what is in those shopping bags. Each item is categorically bagged. They contain 1,754 accessory pieces, everything you need to build.

    • Cars - 4 of one type of racecar, 4 of another type, 3 sports cars, and a police car (12 total cars)
    • Track Guardrail - 1 (large size) unopened pack, 2-3 (large size) opened pack, 2-3 (small size) opened pack
    • Guard Rail Connecting Pieces - 16
    • Guard Rail End Pieces - 58
    • Guard Rail Support Pieces - 103
    • Track Connector Pieces - 768
    • Double Contact Brush Replacement Packs - 10
    • Loose Double Contact Brushes - 5
    • Plastic Screws - 154
    • Support Base Pieces - 77
    • Support Base Pillar pieces - 216
    • Support Base Pillar Caps - 235
    • Smaller Support Pillars (with plastic screw) - 54
    • Support Foot Standard Piece - 12
    • Support Foot Stackable Posts - 7
    • Support Foot Post Caps (without universal joint) - 3
    • Flexible Support Pillar Caps (with universal joint) - 12
    • Carerra AC Adapter Transformers - 7
    • Controllers - 4 (unused), 2 (used), 3 (used but without head plastic piece), 1 used (with head but with blue tape?)

    I highly recommend checking out Carrera's website to get a better sense of all these parts, not to mention the retail prices.

    The overall retail price of these items is easily $5,000. Parents, set aside a day or two to get this set up for your kids, and then say "goodbye" since you won't be seeing them for a while, unless you race as well. I got this stuff during my 20s, actually. Super fun, even for adults. Intellectually engaging as well.

    • Please take a look at each picture.
    • Let me know if you want me to take any more pictures.

    Condition: Used “Everything is in great condition.

    Location: San Francisco Bay Area (Oakland, CA)

    Free returns are accepted within 60 days! Meaning, I'll pick it back up from you if necessary within the greater San Francisco Bay area.

    This ends this Sunday night. If you want to pick it up that night, that's okay until 11:30 P.M. (PST). I would do so if you're wanting to get it set up before 12/25, for instance.

    Please see my auction on eBay, for more info & to place bid:


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    (More photos on eBay listing page)

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