NENASRA Summer Series

We are planning a summer wing car series at Port Jeff Raceway. As in the past we will run a reduced schedule in order to finish earlier in the day. The three classes we will be running are HBB, TM15 and 27Light. We are open to rotating other classes into the schedule if racers are interested but we won’t be running more then three classes. So if C12 or TMO is added for a race one of the other classes will be deleted. All this is open for discussion, however, the standard classes will be HBB, TM15 and 27Light. These will be the classes run on the first race date.

May 22
June 26
July 24
August 28

The August date has been selected without knowing when both Wing Nats will be run. Once those dates are known an August date can be firmed up.

Port Jeff will open at 8:00 am, HBB will start at 9:00 sharp. There will be 1 hour between classes, tech will open 30 minutes before and last 30 minutes. At which time the track will be shutdown and racing started. In order to finish at a reasonable time this schedule needs to be strictly enforced. Come ready to race.