Retro Palooza Schedule

Thursday June 10th-Can Am Plus 7pm
Friday June 11th-Stock Cars, GTC-AM, GTC PRO
Saturday June 12th-CanAM
Sunday F-1

Friday Morning, Handout motor will be given to Coupe Racers at 8am. Stock Cars will run first, then GTC AM Then GTC Pro. The winner of the GTC AM Race will get a free entry into the GTC Pro Race.
Raceway Hours

Monday-Closed(subject to change)
Tuesday June 8th-1pm-10pm
Wednesday June 9th-1pm-10pm
Thursday June 10th-1pm-Close
Friday June 11th-7am-Close
Saturday June 12th-7am-Close
Sunday June 13th-7am Close

Thank you all, we hope you can join us.