Date: Sept 18, 2021
Where: Fastraxxx 2201 Commerce Dr. Fremont, Ohio 43420
Doors open at 7:45 AM.

EVENT: 8 HOUR Rumble Royale
Parts handed out at 8:00 AM.
Cars built and practice until 10:45 AM
Race starts at 11:00
8 hr Enduro, 20 minute lanes, 3 rotations
Track calls for track issues only or to tech cars after working on them. Computer will be set up on automatic.
4 Man Teams. 1 Driver, 1 Pit man, 1 Marshal, 1 resting.
Entry Fee $200 per team includes handout parts.
Please pre-enter before Sept 1st so bodies can be mailed and painted by the teams.

1. 1/32 Genesis steel chassis with 3/32 bushings built by Richard Mack in the UK. Can be seen in many of James Cleves, Cleve Tech videos on youtube.
2. 1 HP guide
3. 2 Mid America Retro Eagle motors.
4. 3 Outtasight Body’s OS321 .007 thick
5. 4 pair of JK recessed , .400 hub Treated tires.
6. Motor screws provided. Motors are screwed into these chassis.
7. All other parts are supplied by the team.
8. Gearing 11/37 (not provided)
9. Rear Body Height is 1 3/8” + - 1/16” from bottom of car to top of rear wing, Front is .040 vertical.
10. Clearance non tech but no dragging of track.
11. MAX Rear width 2.530

Pop and water at the track.
You can order your own food from local establishments. Menu’s will be provided.

Every driver will have their name put in a hat and have a chance at winning a $100 gift certificate. Good at Mid America for any of their Mid America branded products!