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    2021-2022 NENASRA Series

    2021/2022 Season

    Non-series races being run out of Port Jeff Raceway during the 2020/2021 season are as follows:


    October 22–24 Northeast Nats.
    March 4-6 Barnburner.
    Contact the Doug or Chubby at the raceway for details on these races.


    The NENASRA series schedule for 2021/2022 is as follows:
    November 20
    December 18
    January 15
    April 23
    May 21

    Classes run will be OMB, HBB, TM15, C12, 27L and TMO.

    For rules please see www.NASRA.racing, with the following local exceptions:

    OMG12- 60 gram minimum weight, gearing 72 pitch 9/43 or 9/44, 64 pitch 8/39. No Cahoza motors or motor parts. Northeast Nats and Barnburner will be run under this exception.
    Cobalt 12- steel chassis only, following NASRA 27L rules. Northeast Nats and Barnburner will also be run under this exception.
    TMO- steel chassis only , following NASRA 27Light rules, 3:30 on and 4:00 off. This exception will not apply to the Northeast Nats or the Barnburner. Applying only to series races.

    Any questions call Doug or Chubby or post them here and they will be answered.
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