NORTHEAST NATS Schedule and Rules

Doug asked me to post this info for the upcoming Northeast Nats.

Friday Oct 22 - One Motor Box at 7:00 pm.
Saturday Oct 23 - Hill Billy Box and Two Motor 15. Track opens at 8:00 am
Sunday Oct 24 - C12, 27 Light and Two Motor Open. Track opens at 8:00

For rules please see, with the following exceptions:

One Motor Box - 60 gram minimum weight, gearing 72 pitch 9/43 or 9/44, 64 pitch 8/39. No Cahoza motors or motor parts.

C12 - steel chassis only, following NASRA 27L rules.

Cobalt 12 racers please note the above rule exception. This was instituted last April to address the problem of flimsy ultralight chassis that couldn’t survive even one wall shot. At $200 a pop that is unsustainable. It was hurting participation and driving away C12 racers. In order to return some sanity to this class the rule was introduced. This does not apply to the Nats at this time. But depending on its success at the Northeast Nats and the Barnburner it may be considered for permanent status.