R&C Speedway/ASSCC
On The Hill 320
Event Presented by
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October 22, 2022, 5:30pm to 7.30pm, On the Hill 320 Practice. $5.00 Pit Pass

October 29, 2022 at 5:30Pm
Weather Make up November 5, 2022 at 5:30Pm
Track opens at 2:00 Pm. Inspection opens at 3:35 Pm and closes at 5:20 Pm

Special Payout Race: On the Hill 320 for Old Time Modified (Reading Mods) + 360 Sprints
These races proceeds will benefit ASSCC'S intellectually disabled programs.
Time Trials order will be determined by ticket draw when submitting entry paperwork.
Time Trials will determine the order in which drivers will pick lanes or sit out for the heats.
Qualifying (time trials++) will be 20 seconds on orange lane.

Time trial placement.
1-11racers straight up from time trials.

12-20 Racers
#1&#2 qualifier heat race #1
#3&#4 qualifier heat race #2
The rest divided by time between heats.

21-24 Racers
#1&#4 qualifier heat race #1
#2&#5 qualifier heat race #2
#3&#6 qualifier heat race #3
The rest divided by time between heats.

Heats will start with 8-11 drivers and number of heats determined by entries.
Heats will be 12 laps per segment winner is by over all lap total.**
Up to11 entries = 1 heat
12-20 entries =2 heats
21-24 entries = 3 heats
25+ divided between heats 1, 2, 3

2 heats = 3 drivers qualify
3 heats = 2 drivers qualify

Heat winners get to chose starting lane in A main. Heat 1 winner has first choice then heat 2 then second place etc.
We will have round robin B- main that will be 14 lap segments to fill in the last 2 spots of the fields 8 starting positions. Winner is by over all lap totals. **

10 minutes between b- main and start of A feature.
A feature will be 40 lap segments winner is by over all lap totals. **

**If tied car placement on track will determine winner.
++ If tied on fastest lap next fastest lap used to determine fast time etc.

Guaranteed payout with 4 to7 racers is.* 1st = $25.00
With 8 racers guaranteed payout is.
1st = $35.00
2nd= $22.00
3rd= $13.00
Payout increases with more racers. After 14 racers, 4th place has payout.

Winner receives 4"x 6" wall plaque + box plaque.
2nd thru 8th receive box plaques

Entry fee will be $15.00* Must have 4 racers to run race.
Pit pass is $5.00
We will have extra motors available to purchase for $11.00 each. 9 tooth pinions are available.

Track will be spray glued.

Lunch will be served.

Track Voltage will be set at capacitors not track. Voltage will be 11.0-11.9 volts.

Minimum tire diameters are for the start of each event.( Time trials, Heats, b- main, Feature )
OTM Modified minimum track clearance is .078(5/64) for front of chassis, rear is .110(7/64) including gear at all times.
Track clearance will be taken with flag over end of tech block, Tires sitting on tech block.

You may loan or change cars, but the car must go through tech.
If the driver qualified his own car in the heat race he forfeits his finish then must run b main to qualify.
If a driver comes in late or gets a ride, he can still race the b- main or feature if all qualify.

If any of our General or Safety rules are broken you will be issued one verbal warning, then asked to leave on the second offense. You also will receive a written warning for your second offense also, membership may be revoked*.
The third offense will be a written notice and your membership will be terminated for two years.

NO Wonder rubber, Treated tires, Silicones or Thunder rubber etc.
Foam or Natural tires only.

No Glue. You may only clean tires with tigerís milk.

No Use of profanity or profanity gestures.

No hands on track surface unless working on your car.

No hitting track or ripping of controllers from control panel.

No touching power supplies or computer.

No use of power outlets only power strips provided at tables.

No horseplay of any kind.
No touching of anyoneís equipment only your own.

No Rough riding. Be polite and respectful of other peopleís cars and equipment.

No Smoking in building.

Clean up you pit area at end of day.
NO oil or Braid juice during any event (heats, b- main , feature , etc) unless segments are over 25 laps
May use oil and braid juice if any event is 26 laps or more.
Every racer will participate in turn marshaling. (Unless exempt for health reasons or other reasons OK by race director.)
If you are not racing you are to be marshaling unless exempt)

At the end of each segment, drivers will have approximately 60 - 105 seconds (consensus) to change lanes and make a quick adjustment to car if necessary. If you are not ready at the panel when Lapmaster countdown starts, your car will be pulled for that segment.
All drivers are required to use a lane change card in-between segments.
You must mark cars location when you are on sit out.
Car Inspection:
All cars will be inspected before each race: And for special races at end of each race or time trials. (heats, b- main , Feature )
There will not be mandatory tear downs unless the race director feels something is not right.
They have the right to tear you down at any time. Any rule violation causes Disqualification.
Refusal to allow your car to be inspected will be treated as rule violation.
You will be disqualified for all activities that day.
Tech mans decision is final. We have go no go tech tools so that tech will always be the same tech at each event. Donít stretch the rules. Rules can be adjusted at any time.

Crash/ Spots:
If you cause the accident -anywhere in the turn you will start at the beginning of turn,
Coming off the turn, you will start at the beginning of the straight or just in front of lap counter if you got your lap.
Powers offs and being a victim of someone elseís crash, car goes back were your car was at before crash on track.
If 1 or 2 cars come off a quick tweak after a wreck by a turn marshal and thatís it.
Drivers will not leave the panel unless asked to do so or if there is no marshals.
If 3 or 4 cars come off then 45 seconds will be given to drivers to re slot their car.
If 5 or more come off then 75 seconds will be given to drivers to re slot their cars.
When time is up countdown will begin. If not ready to go when announced, go your out that segment.

If track official feels your car/driver is a hazard to the other cars, track officials can black flag your car/driver for the segment or until the cause of the hazard is repaired.

There will be no working on equipment at the track while green flag racing is going on.
You will be warned on the first offense, 2nd offense you will sit out a segment in your race.

The three off rule eliminated for now. Please use common sense if your car is not working correctly.

Lap Counter:
The lap counter is considered correct unless it can be proven otherwise.
If a major error occurs in the counting process that cannot be corrected, the race director may:
1. a. Assign responsible stewards to count laps or verify the counter.
b. Restart the segment.
c. Restart the race form the last possible point.
2. For a major error in counting, the steps taken should preserve as much of the race as possible, while remaining as fair as possible.

Track calls will be when.
a. Car crashes
b. Braid up
c. Power failure
d. Debris in slot

Once cars are in impounding yard on the tech table, your race entry donation is non-refundable. No exceptions.
Show up with a legal car!!!!!
*Club Membership:
May be terminated do to any rule violation or anything that is determined by the board of directors as a detriment to our Clubs Goals, Mission or Clients. Membership fee is included in your first race.

+ 360 Sprints
15 Lap feature for all racers. Round robin racing.
Starting lane will be determined by time trial order from On the Hill 320,
Must follow 360 Sprints rules including track clearance.
R & C Speedway has loaner cars available for all classes raced. Must reserve car for the class you would like to race.

OTM/360 rules are located- https://awarenessspeedwayslotcarclub...ing-rules.html

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