2022 USRA Div 1 Wing Car Nats

Misc. photos by OWH's on site reporter "Owl Chump" (aka - Al P. Chuck)...

Thursday Sept 22

Hillbilly Box

Day 900 - USRA Nat’s 2022 at Piranha Speedway.

Looks like 23 entries for HBB (Hill Billy Box) today.
Richard Curnutte TQ’d with a 2.006.

The pit crews needs to eat!!!

Here are the results of the B main for HBB.

Look who showed up after making a wrong turn at Mount Rushmore…
The captain of Team Red Cross… Jeff Sarkisian…

For the Hill Billy Box race we had Joe Chevy 4th,
Wade Laster 3rd,
Mike Darnell 2nd with Joe Gallagher the winner.

Jeff Cox the new owner of Arrow brought by some of his new 3x3 wing kit sample for Marvin to try!

stay tuned.... more to come!