Worlds Famous PJ Raceway Presents The
“33rd Annual Barnburner”

March 3rd-5th

Friday-C12, Tech Opens at 6pm, Closes at 6:45. Qualifying at 7pm

Saturday-OM12, HB12, 2MO15
Tech Opens for OM12 at 9:30am-Closes at 9:50am, Qualifying for OM12 will begin at 10AM
You will have 90 mins of Practice between all classes.
Tech for HB12 will open 1 hour after OM12 ends, and close 20 mins from when it opens.
Track will live for the full 90 mins after Om12 ends. The same schedule will continue for 2MO 15

Sunday-G27L, TMO, G7
Tech Opens for 27L at 9:30 and will close at 9:50. Qual will be at 10am.
You will have 90 mins of Practice in between both classes.
Tech for TMO will open 1 hour after after 27L ends, and remain open for 20 mins. Track will remain live for the full 90 minutes in between classes

We will follow all NASRA Rules

OM12, HB12, TM15 & C12 Must Run Spec Tires. These Tires MUST be purchased from the track. These will be Stupidfast/PJ Raceway Spec Tires. Tires will be available the week of the race, all tires will be marked.

Pit Pass $20.00 per Day
Friday Hours-11am-Close
Any questions feel free to call us