Please check out Bernard's Slot Car Museum in Houston, Texas. It is the largest Slot car museum in the world featuring over 7,000 slot cars and most than 750 slot car sets. All scales from H.O. to 1/32nd to 1/43rd to 1/24th scale. Including the beginnings of Slot Cars, rail cars, one of a kind slot cars, rarities, oddities, Pre Production and never seen slot cars. Well worth the trip to the museum. Whether you like custom slot cars, Rail cars, Strombecker, Top Slot, Classic, Aurora, Scalextric or VIP and unknown. Slot cars from Europe, South America, Australia, United Kingdom and even Russia and Italy. World War 2 Slot Cars as well. An Incredible experience.

Check out the video on You Tube under Bernard's Slot Car Museum. It is just under 2 hours long. It is not perfect but it is interesting and will show you unique insight into the history of Slot cars as well. Please copy and paste the script or go directly to You Tube for fun!

Good Racing, good fun and win the big one!