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Thread: American Flat Track Worlds Results

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    I just read the whole article.....

    wouldn't have mattered, Alicia had the fastest car out of all of us. Me, matt, Neal, or Ray (your best PAYING drivers) could have one that race with her car, but look what she did with it. point made. You gave last years champ and grand champ JACK $HIT to defend with, he knew it and so did I. I guess you have to "even up the odds" a bit for the NON-PAYING customers.
    -an unhappy speedshop customer

    PS: running the tires off the car would not matter if you could pit as good as HERSHMAN
    new dorky hobby, bowling. retirement in full force.

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    Talking Get back to your room!!!!

    Gary, those PNW scalie guys don't need no outside agitators. Get back to your room and start gettin' ready for the Nats. Repeat after me "I need more motors , I need more motors , I need more motors........"
    MON THE BIFF !!!

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    Re: Question...

    Originally posted by Gary NJ
    In looking at the list of the AFTW Grand Champion racers and their finishes, why isn't Herman James on that list? Looks to me like he should of been in their somewhere, no??

    Keep the trash talk coming, guys. Those of us who race USRA love this stuff!!!
    the "grand championship" is based on g-10, g-12, gt-12, es24.

    the hermanator only earned points in es24.


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    Ok enough trash talk! It doesn't matter anymore. It's over!
    It's boys, girls, men and women racing toy cars! Yes there were "World Champions" at the race and not so "World Champions". Some won and some lost. No different than any other sporting event. As for the facility and track it was first class compared to most as i have seen on the OWH or first hand. I raced 6 classes and i did not see any problem with black lane or any other lane. Yes the Euro's really chewed up the braid, maybe because the braid was a bit dirty, but other than that i saw no broblem.
    My God there was even air conditioning! We all owe Gear Bear a big THANK-YOU!
    I had the best time ever and this was my third year. There was less whining and b------- than ever before IMO.
    I raced with some great Amateur and Pro racers. Look out for Jamy Johnson. She was really moving in GT 12 and C1 i think it was. I remember a year ago she was just starting to do well in Am LMP. Keep it up Jamy!
    Then there is "Kennewick Man". I have your # Jimbo. You'd better be ready for the fall series!!
    Guess you're Pro now eh??
    Harold Rowe - what a great guy and very good driver. With a few more hours on the track he would be deadly. Ken King - no wonder he won the sportsmanship award. He wins a plaque and looks like he won the Lotto! BTW - he's the only guy who brought Krispy Kreme too!! Shame on the rest of you !!
    Alicia - you surprised me! I honestly did not think you would survive in that field of 1/24 Euro's. Good for you. Too bad you had problems with Black lane, whatever the cause.
    Herman - no need to say anything. Just a class guy and one h--- of a great racer.
    Phil H - A great racer for sure. Never met you before but an awesome talent. Too bad you mis-judged the crowd. We're pretty easy going up here in the PNW and Canada. You could just act normal and survive! Sorry to hear you want to retire.
    Matt - good to see you again! You'll do fine in whatever you do in life!
    Neal - ok so you're 18 now. When the h--- are you going to grow?
    Hope you can get back racing a bit this year.
    Douy Y - It was fun working the pit for you. See it worked!!
    Split - great to see ya again! Man you need to clean up your pit.
    Chris R - fun time racing with you. Next year!
    Roy - Steady Eddy eh? Same show every year. Good to see you again.
    Brit - what can we say. An all around racer and great guy. Good luck in the fall. Keep me posted on developments and c'mon up to BC this summer and we'll smack the white ball around, eh?

    Lastly thanks to my Canadian team mate and mentor, WNH. We had a blast and raced some of our best ever. Concours wasn't bad either. Next year we'll be ready for the SCREW racers!
    That's the Slot Car Racers of Eastern Washington for all you evil minded readers out there!

    Kirk - thanks for another great week-end of SlugFlats racing. I think i was on adrenalin for 2 days! Mixed in with some wobbly pops of course.
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    Thanks for the true and unbiased race report from one who couldn't be there. It looks like you addressed what is really important.

    Congratulations on your successful weekend, too!

    Mike K.

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    1/24th Eurosport Rresults

    Talked to Paul Kassens and Kirk Livernash today and now I have the final take on the black lane situation. Kirk did make an adjustment for the black lane problem but the laps given were only a guess. My sloution to the problem, and the one I was told would be used, was to add all Euro racers black lane laps together and divide then by the number of drivers. This takes the black lane out of the equation and the results would be based on the seven lanes that didn't have a problem. Another way to correct this was to just drop the black lane laps for everyone. These are the only two ways to really correct a problen like this. It's all a moot point now as no matter what system was used Alicia would have ended up in the place she was given.

    Harvey, there was a problem with the black lane otherwise Kirk would not have had to make a correction.

    To Phil and Neal; your cars were just as good as Alicia's, Herman's, Ray's, Doug's or any other Speedshop racer. All Speedshop cars qualified within a tenth and a half, even you Phil who used tall race tires instead of low qualifiers like most racers did. If your car was so bad how did you have a 1/2 lap lead on the field in three laps? You ran the two fastest lane totals (98 and 99 laps) in the race. I guess you must be the greatest driver in the world! You didn't see Herman, Ray , Doug or Matt making excuses for not knowing how to drive SHS's White Track with a Eurosport. All the top placing racers used the same gear you used but they drove a little slower, watching ahead and took care of their equipment. If you had taken the time to ask me how to race this race and not bitched all the time I could have told you what to do. Best thing that came out of this is now you won't have drive any more of those crappy Speedshop cars, you will only have to race against them! I hear Fast Ones is looking for a new driver
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    To Phil Helmuth

    I was very dissapointed to hear your comments on my driving. I am only 14 years old and have been driving Eurosports for less than one year. I think it shows a lack of class to trash my driving as this is the first time I have raced with USRA and ISRA World Champions. My goal for this race was to make all the A heats in the races and get the best place possible. I did this and accomplished my goal. I have won a 1/24th Eruosport race at SHS and you haven't so at least I have that one on you. I'm afraid you did not make a very positive impression on American Flat Track Worlds racers for a USRA and ISRA Champion!

    Alicia Gilbert
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    RE: Black Lane and more

    First Black lane definitely did/does have a problem. I have to agree that it may not have been handled in the best fashion but it was handled and the race is over. Leave it be.

    As to Lee not seeing "Any" Eurosport motors falling out then he forgets that mine did just that. The motor was running so hot that it melted the silver solder holding it in. Twice! Of course running such a hot wind with no choke probably had a lot to do with it. Who knows what would have happened had I used the milder motor.

    I'm very happy with my performance over the weekend. I managed to win my LAST amatuer race! I made the A main in 1/24 Euro while qualifying on race tires and then drove very well for 3 1/2 heats until I couldn't keep the motor in. I got my first chance to run a 32 euro and will probably stay away from them for awhile as I find them too unpredictable. Now if I could just finish an IRL race at Slugfest maybe I could actually win one! That makes 3 DNF's in a row for me for IRL

    Herman's driving all weekend was amazing! He was truly in top form. Ray was his usual steady self quietly doing lap after lap (probably only at 95% ) faster than anyone could imagine.

    Wayne drove probably the best 24 Euro race I have ever seen him do. It's too bad he didn't change his braid halfway through the Green lane as he might have been able to win the B-Main.

    Alicia, What can I say? You have gone from a young girl blasting around the track with Am LMP cars 2 years ago to one of the top racers in ANY class. You don't need to apologize to anyone for your skills on the track. Great Job!

    Jamy, I guess I better watch out or you will be beating me all the time! Bring it on!

    Bill Clemans, you guys better watch out next year as Bill is back! He may be driving with the "wrong" hand but he is faster than ever! Great job Bill!

    Andy Wasserman, what a great race director! I wish he were around to do it more often!

    I would like to say this was one of the most incredible races I have attended. The quality of the paint jobs was just astounding! Between Wayne, Harvey, Jim H, Jamy, and Kenny R this has got to be one of the toughest races to get a concours plack around! Most of the concours went down to having the best driver as each class had some truely remarkable paint jobs in the group. The driving displayed by all the drivers was top notch. The ability of the "out of towners" to pick up the nuances of the track was awsome indeed.

    Kirk, Thanks for being such a gracious host! You proved again why we all like to race in your backyard! We had some serious fun for a long weekend and raced our hearts out. Not only do you put on a good race, you cook too!

    See ya soon!
    Gary Johnson

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    All I want to know is..............

    Did Zippity use his thumb?

    And I want to say, take it easy guys, congratulations to all of you.

    You have a class act, I hope you keep it that way!

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    Sounds like everyone had a great time.

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    Thumbs up

    Concours wasn't bad either. Next year we'll be ready for the SCREW racers!
    That's the Slot Car Racers of Eastern Washington for all you evil minded readers out there!

    Hi Harvey!

    The proper name is Slot Car Racers of Eastern Washington-United, (DBA, SCREW-U) . Concours was fun. My best regards to you and Wayne for your outstanding efforts in body painting.


    Kustom Kolors by Kenny

    (K3 Slotworks)
    Kustom Kolors by Kenny

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    I can't put my finger on it, but something about this thread reminds me of driving on the Long Island Expressway

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    Results Updated

    I have now posted the complete results for Pro Group 10 and Group 12, and I also corrected the AFTW Grand Champion points, which had a couple names and points ommitted previously.

    Sorry for the delay, but I have been a busy Beaver back down here in Beaverville Oregon since the Slugfest / Flats.

    I would like to add that it was great that several of the visiting racers took the extra time and distance to stop by here at Raceway USA to check out the site of July's upcoming Portland Beaverfest (July 25, 26, 27) and next year's 2004 USRA Div II Nats.

    It was a pleasure to have Kenny King not only stop by on both the way up as well as the way back, but Kenny also was able to join us in 2 of our local weekly Sunday night 4" NASCAR races each way!

    Kenny walzed in and placed 3rd on his way to the Flats, then tonight took 2nd in one heckuva close race between several top locals as well as several racers from the now closed Vancouver Speedway. Only home-boy hotshot James Loconto managed to beat Kenny, but the Vancouver guys were all right within a couple laps the entire race!

    Also visiting Raceway USA were Andy Wasserman, from NY, who also was able to join us for a Wed night NASCAR race on the tri-oval, Tom Van Horn, Harold Rowe & Phil Helmuth, and Ray Bishop stopped by while down south on business as well.

    Our illustrious traveler from New Zealand, Zippity (aka Ron Thornton), and his wife, apparently fell in love with Portland, as they spent a few days down here, including the 4th of July festivities, before finally making it by Raceway USA for a visit. Ithreatened Ron that he'd better make it or I'd never let him live it down!

    I'm sorry that some of the other travelers were unable to stop in due to time restraints, or the fact that I was in Seattle on Monday and we were closed, so I hope that those can make it by another time, especially for the upcoming Portland Beaverfest race.

    I had a great time at this year's Slugfest / Flats, especially seeing many old friends, meeting friends I've gotten to know here on OWH Slot Car Talk, as well as making new friends.

    I hope that many of you can make it to Portland on July 25, 26, & 27 for the Portland Beaverfest!
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Paul Kassens
    OWH Slot Car Talk "Mom"
    The Old Weird Herald
    email: paulk@oldweirdherald.com

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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    Kenny walzed in and placed 3rd on his way to the Flats, then tonight took 2nd in one heckuva close race between several top locals as well as several racers from Only home-boy hotshot James Loconto managed to beat Kenny, but the Vancouver guys were all right within a couple laps the entire race!

    the now closed Vancouver Speedway.
    NOT for long!
    "It's the place to race"

    Our Lap Counters Really Work!


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    Cool Smell the Clean Northwest Air :D

    Wow guys. You really know how to keep it PG lol. I would like to express my views on this years race.

    Black Lane and More
    Since everyone seems to be dwelling on this issue, I figure it's worth my 2 cents. When I drove black lane, I didnt feel a thing all weekend with any car. Seems to me, Gilbert cars had a hard time this weekend. I don't think that it deserves such a huge controversy. The only people who had problems with black didn't really know what was going on with it. I think that if someone else had been having problems and could have pointed out the technicalities of the way the car acted, the issue would be more viable. Since only 2 people (or so I thought) had problems all weekend, I think that it should just be set as is - if there is an oil slick on the track during Nascar, they don't give the team who crashed because of it - time to repair and stop the race. This is not to take away from Matt and Alicias races. Both did really well at the race. Thats all there is to it.

    Comon' now boys (and girls). This is why I don't go to slot races anymore. All this stupid bickering. Its like the 98 Nats all over again with Tomato (for those who remember). Im sure to qoute many racers.... "**** happens." You live to race another day. Its weird how we always get into this conversation about taking racing too seriously. It is true that ya'll up in the northwest are more lax about a lot of things but you sure as hell take slot racing wayyyy too seriously. The only person I see who has a reason to take it seriously is Kirk and Lee - Both whom make somewhat a living off slot cars. It was soooo refreshing to see Kenny havin a blast driving the 1/24 cars. I dont care if he was in someones way. He is what we need in slot racing. And to be honest - that is why RC is where I am headed. I gave up on slots a long time ago after Norcal Imca Disbanded and the influx of new people became a halt. It is thanks to people like Chris R, Paul, and Kenny (sorry to leave others out) that slot cars and sports like this grow. Without them, we are left seeing each others same ol mugs every year. We know how much fun that is.

    In closing, I think that this years slugfest was one of the better ones I have been to. The racing was much more diverse and even and I thought that overall, it was a very clean weekend of racing. I want to especially thank Chris R, his buddy Paul, Kenny, O'd, Kirk, Wayne and Mark for a nice trip up to the NW and for helping make this race memorable. But seriously boys, its just toy cars. If you get this worked up about model cars, what happens when you run out of paper towels? (FYI - they are kept in the closet above the toilet in Kirks bathroom - since nobody felt like changing it but me)

    Sincerely yours, Ian Douglass
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