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Thread: Thank you Jeff Bechtel

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    Thank you Jeff Bechtel

    Thank You Jeff Bechtel for your long-term devotion to very taxing hobby. For going to hell and back for supporting some of the most innovative ideas, for showing us all that it is not one body of change but many, for sticking to his guns when the cause was minuet, but knowing the outcome would be mind boggling, for standing in where most will never venture walk, for fulfilling a personal challenge and knowing when the exit stage left door is open, for seeing people for face value and listening to their needs in time of concern and contempt, for taking the punches like a championship prize fighter, for laughing it off when the cause was close to lost, for picking it all back up again and dusting himself off, for understanding that itís not whether you make one dollar or one million, that Integrity and Understanding are Priceless qualities often forgotten by many of us.

    I know now I am not the only one who could ever say this but at least I was perhaps the first, it was on honor racing with you Jeff and I look forward to many more in the future.

    Hope we all see you there soon again.

    Be well Jeff

    Come race East more often



    Ps: tell Lisa to watch that Italian cooking, lots of carbs.
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    Thanks for starting this thread off Larry.

    We all need to join together in thanking both Jeff and Bill for their hard work in holding this sport/hobby together.

    We will be trying to continue on with the work you both have been doing.

    There is another thread in the USRA forum as well


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    Thank you Jeff and Bill for raising the bar, and Im sure Chris, Boyt ,Rich ,Dave and Roy will uphold the high standards you have set. Congrats to all of you newly elected officers.....PS Jeff( say hi to Lisa) and Bill most of all thank you for being my friends ....Ron

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    I have raced with Jeff & Lisa now for almost 20 years, and they are the same now as they were then. Except Jeff dresses better now adays (Disco Boy).

    Thanx to both of them.

    Jeff Strause

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    Thank you all for your kind words. These days they are few a far between. It is like anything, there are people who appreciate what you do , and there are people that do not appreciate anything that you do. I'm just glad you guys DO appreciate what I tried to do for the USRA.
    Jeff Bechtel/Former Int-15 World & National Champion

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    Thumbs up Hear, hear...

    Larry got it absolutely correct!! And I think the monster fields in the Spec 15 and G12 races should serve as tangible evidence that whatever failings the current USRA has, Div 1 USRA is bigger today than it has been in the past few years.

    Thanks Jeff!!


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