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Thread: 1/24 Eurosport Results

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    upside down?

    Do you Kiwi's ever sleep?!?!?!?!?!

    Can you send a few meat pies our way, mate???

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    Thumbs up It is only 5.05pm Friday here

    I guess 'coz I am a day ahead of you I am brighter

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    I think you did a great job - especially considering the circumstances!

    The hardest part - especially for YOU - was that you had to keep your mouth shut during practicly during the whole race!!!!

    Here you were - your best talent in race directing - calling the race in both an informative and entertaining way - and you had to do it instead with a gag on!

    Even so - you did a great job - and handled the situation correctly, and competently, given all the problems.

    Thanks again for your help - I wish we had gotten to hang out a bit though!
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    Thumbs up Late Arrival

    Hey Nats Dudes,

    Sorry I have not been around.

    After staying up all night driving home with Steve and Jonathan Forsyth and arriving home in Monrovia at 7:30AM, I went right to bed and was out as soon as my head hit the pillow.

    At 10:30AM I received a call from an old freind from my rock and roll days telling me that my dear freind and former bass player Monty Hibbard had passed away that morning after going into hospital the Friday after I left for Portland.
    Monty was an incredible person and had recently expressed a desire to try slot racing.
    We laid him to rest this afternoon and then, per his request had the biggest, loudest, wildest wake/jam session imaginable in his honor. The service was beautiful and uplifting, and people I havn't seen in nine years came out for the wake. We truly celabrated a life. I am proud to have been part of it.

    After not touching a guitar for over three years I expected I'd suck. I was right. I practiced a bit between building motors for my self and customers for this week's SoCal race in Hesperia.

    The thing that amazed me was that the emotion of the day, the comeradie of being with my old freinds and the excitment of being onstage in front of a truly involved, caring audience propelled me to play like it was 1993. I think I sang the best I ever did. It was sweet. Playing and singing blues songs my old freind wrote.
    I would not trade those moments for anything.

    Suddenly lap counters, rules meetings and slot car politics seemed so unimportant.

    But of course, it is important to me or I wouldn't do it.

    My biggset congrats to Roy Hood. You earned that win. You drove great. My hats off to you. Welcome to the national Champions club.

    To Colin Herzig: Incredible job! Hard work and dedication pays off.

    To Ron Hershman: Looks like you still got it.

    To Ciccarello: Congrats on the 4.5 win and thanks for all your help. That 1/32 motor was great. Sorry I screwed up and mismanaged my tires. We almost had him! AGAIN!!!

    To Paul Gawronski: Congrats on the 2 Euro wins. 1/32 was a close one but you had me covered in 1/24. Someone asked me at breakfast what happened in 1/24 Euro. I pointed to Paul G. and said "This guy drove better and had a faster car".

    To Lee Gilbert: Awesome job in qualifying! Rotten thing about your car getting splattered.

    To Herman: I really thought this might be your year. Sorry about the lousey luck.

    To Mike Stahl: Your results do not reflect your talent level. I know what it's like to be "that close". I just know you could smell victory. Keep up the good work and soon you get to actually taste it.

    To Casey Scott: I know I taught you a lot but I didn't realize I taught you how to give away National Championships. We'll talk soon. You musta learned that from me.

    Congrats to mark G and Keystone raceway on getting next years nats. I expect you to do a bang up job.

    I'll get back on line soon and congratulate/console/needle some more people.

    Right now I have a few more motors to build.

    Greg Gilbert

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    How Sweet It Is!!!!!

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    Re: Track Fixed?

    Originally posted by Speedshop

    The real question is what changes were made to the counting system after the pratice race?
    None, with one glaring exception. What WAS changed was the power supply. At the request of several racers and USRA officials, Kirk generously loaned the use of his 150 amp regulated power supply. The switch was made because of complaints of voltage variations, "surges", etc.

    Kirk's supply is set at a slightly lower nominal voltage than the 12.62 volts that the original supply used.

    The voltage, measured at the driver's panel under race conditions, varied even more using Kirk's supply. 8 Euro's were able to pull the voltage well below 11 volts regularly. You saw and commented on this behavior at the start of the first semi.

    SRT will start missing laps when presented with a low voltage condition. Once it does, it will continue to do so, even if the voltage never drops again, until the SRT system is restarted. One can duplicate this behavior at will.

    Given the above, and given the fact that previous races using the smaller power supply had lap counting problems, and given the fact that the practice race using the 175 amp power supply setup did NOT have lap counting problems, it seems pretty obvious what the cause of the problems was.
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