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Thread: Who used what?

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    Who used what?

    Can anyone tell us what the podium finishers used, Chassis, can, arm, tires. What ever you know I at least am interested.

    Would it not be funny if say Ron Hershman used a BOW motor to win or Paul Ciccarello used a JK chassis? I am just curious.

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    Funny, but not happenin'!!!!!!!

    Black Flag,

    Most of us overly motivated publicity hounds wouldn't find it so funny. I did try to check the techsheets for at least my stuff, and the list as I recall it follows.

    Actually, I think Ron has already posted what he ran in his GT1 win. For that race, Casey Scott (2nd place)ran a Flexi 4 chassis and the BOW motor that Chicky DIDN'T move up with. I built a lot of setups for Paul, evenly split between Kelly and RJR cans. I'm not sure which he used.

    Roy Hood used a BOW Kelly can S16C borrowed from Steve Forsyth for the GTP win. This motor was actually built for the 2003 race, which Steve unfortunately missed. P/S arm and magnets.

    Colin Herzig won the C12E race with a rare BOW cobalt motor. I assembled it from the bare parts at the raceway over a two day period. P/S .490 36 degree arm (preconditioned by BOW, naturally) , 450 tall single magnets, Camen can and endbell, .505 hole. Thanks to Perko and Slidergreg, who had the drillmotor to lend me for the honing!

    Chicky used an older BOW Rotor setup in the 4.5" race. He told me which arm he used, and I'm gettin' old and forgot. Sorry. The car was almost certainly a Flexi 3.

    Gotta get my PR where I can... Greg Gilbert listed BOW magnets on his techsheet for the GT12 win! These are P/S magnets matched closely in my shop, with the familiar blue/yellow color coding.

    Chris Radisich used BOW motors for all his racing, taking 2nd in 4" and several thirds. I even did the recombining of his Euro parts to come up with a few usable mills. I cut the shaft to 1.5 mm on one also. Turns out to be fairly easy to do! Chris ran Mosetti chassis for ALL his races.

    I think I got all the podium finishes listed, but also need to thank Steve and Jonathan Forsyth, William and Jason Burnside, Joe Pelan, Harold Rowe, and Frank Sarkela, all of whom made at least one expert main with a BOW mill, in some cases borrowed from one another. Great cooperation from my team guys, including some support for non-team racers. Thats what makes the Nats fun, and sometimes pleasantly surprising. If I've forgotton anyone, please accept my apologies as well as thanks for your support.
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    Chicky used a Fast Ones Big Bruiser arm in his winning 4.5" stock car ride.


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