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Thread: Wings & Scales

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    Wing racers so can drive, mostly because before they were wingers they were scalers, and they had to learn how to drive a scale before a wing. I race both because I love the challenge of a scale and the comunication necessary with fellow racers but I also drive wings because I love the speed and need for close attention to every second.
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    Hey Guys

    Myself i race both here in so cal. Some of the best racers in the country race here in both divisons. I mostly race one motor opens and the 4 scale classes we run in so cal. i race every usra wing race and some scales races at this point. i enjoy both scale racing is fun and help you getting the driving and learning now to pass end of the deal. wing racing is cool for alot of the horse power that we run. so i do enjoy both different guys all good. i hopefully will meet alot of new people when i go to tulsa for the nats and race semi pro opens for the first time in my first nats event

    i also was wondering who is coming out for the western states at buena park on sept 11-12.

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    Because someone is going to kick my A$$ cause it is 1:30 in the morning

    Dude we race on them

    Quote Originally Posted by slotcar fever
    Wing cars on a hillclimb levels the playing feild.

    You should come try it out. It takes place evey sunday around 1:00 pm at TSS Hobbies in Belleville, Michigan. You have to drive them. It puts the finger back in wing cars, lol.

    I will give you a dollar if you can beat me on my home track in a box 12 wing race, lol. Good luck. I will even use my slowest car.lol
    too I would not count on beating any of the good racers ever unless you have a lot more experiance then I know of. Also just so you know this thread is like 4 years old!!
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    I Wonder??

    I wonder what old Taz is doing these days??
    4 years since she posted here.
    I wonder where Greg is and if he has heard from her.
    I bet these 2 kids miss Racing.
    It would be nice to see them back racing again.
    May be when they get out of collage they will be back??
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    Fever , getting a little cocky!!!!! And thanks for putting new life in old threads.
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