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Thread: 2004 IMCA Nats

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    2004 IMCA Nats

    The 2004 IMCA Nats, and Group 7 Revenge Race

    August 23-29, 2004

    Uden, Holland & Aalst, Begium

    If internet access and time permits, John Emmons has graciously offered to post reports and photos from the IMCA Nats and Group 7 Revenge Race in Uden & Aalst.

    For John's trip diary notes, reports, notes, news, etc. keep an eye on this forum.

    For OWH's 2004 IMCA Nats Photo Gallery, (again, access and time permiting), watch for photos from John here:

    OWH 2004 IMCA Nats Photo Gallery
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    Thumbs up GO USA !!!!!!

    Go over to Europe and kick some A$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I could only hope that it is a main that consists of Buef,Chicky,PA,Benny,Les,Larry,Forrest,and Skinner or any other American.

    But really the best thing that could happen is that it is truely a International race with the best Group7 racers.

    Maybe JPVR gets his wish of Buef,Chicky and PA against Horky,Korec, and Shone.

    It is our own olympics right here on OWH.

    I would like to personally thank JPVR for putting on this race I think it is a great thing and it is just to bad that this is the last one. We all might not agree with JPVR but maybe its because we don't understand him.

    JPVR thank you from a no-name racer from the Chicago IL, USA.
    ProSpeed Racing Products "Turning the competition into victims" www.slotcar1.com

    Chicagoland Raceway "Home of the 2006 Divison 1 Nats" and soon to be the fastest King in our little world!

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    Thumbs up Good Luck

    guy's. I spoke to PA the other night and he told me it sound's like it will be a drivers's track. He has three different cars setup, with different body's (some with more down force.) He is even setting up a steel car.(I am not sure if it has movement in it or not). He feels that a softer compound of tire may be needed,(Starting with 26's). He said the racers are going to have to modifiy there controllers with banana clips to connect to the track. Just a few insights to share.


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    U G7 Thanks for winning

    This is my best Race in 2004

    Thanks for the Chassis Builter Craig Landry,Koford Body end verry fast Motors from Horky 8 mags. Also thanks for the PK Arms end my new Balncer Recek. Recek is in the Moment the Best.

    I have luck in the last Heat. I have Crash with Beuf on the Straight linese.My Motor is out. I go back in the Pits end i but the Motor in 7 Laps!! This is my shotest Time in 26 Years Slotcar Racing.

    I ran with the peugot Koford Body 140 long end 31 Hi.Same in Tulsa end Port Jeff end with the Zap 4.500 TRO Chassis.

    Thanks for all Helper in the Main. End thanks for JP for this verry good Race.

    See you by the Euro Nats end by the US Nat`s nexst Year.


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    Smile Thank You To JPVR

    J P, I would like to thank you for organizing a great race, I know you enjoy it but you put on a great show and a very successful race with a huge amount of effort on your part. This type of race puts slotracing in a very positive light. I would only hope that we can continue this concept for at least one race per year. Is very difficult to get 50 plus open racers all going in the same direction at one time, something like rounding up tomcats.

    The format of the race was new to the US racers but I think we dealt with it just fine. The track was probably the toughest that any of us currently race on and by the end of the open race it was actually it was in good condition. Racers were turning times in the 2.1 second range with some dropping into the 2.0 range.

    We would like to see Piki and Youri at the USRA Nats in 2005 at Buena Park. I understand they are planning to attend. They are great kids and would be a welcome addition to the Nats. We will see to it that they are well taken care of while the States.

    One last thing, when we arrived at the Newark airport Ckicky and I headed directly to the food court, he had two Chili Dogs, I had a Cheese Steak and a Coke with ice in it. Chicky said he had to have some real food.

    Larry Blanton


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