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Thread: Western States 2004 - Buena Park Raceway

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    Western States 2004 - Buena Park Raceway

    Ok you boys and girls! I finally got time to post a few pictures of the happenings at the Western States 2004 race being held at Buena Park Raceway. Home of the 2005 USRA Nats.

    After finally breaking away from dinner with Les Wright and his wife, Larry Blanton, Forrest Watchers, your's truley finally got to a computer to post a few pictures.

    As my taxi ride (the Watcher-mobile) had to head home to finish up his work on some car, we did find out that there was a large amount of entries for the Friday evening spray glue race. Last we heard that there were about 25 entries.

    Check out the Western States 2004 Photo Gallery:

    Western States 2004 photos

    Therer will be more to come but I've got to help with some people racing on both days and will get to the computer with more picture as soon as possible.
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