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Thread: Cruzin' @ SCR '06 Scale NATS

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    Bob we had 54 Nascars in this years total.Frank S.

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    Well, it's been a week now since the big race I have had some time to reflect. But I still have the flu bug, thank you...

    I should have raced Amateur instead of Expert where I the results would have been hidden better had I done just as well! I chose to enter as Expert simply because I am in the business and get parts @ cost. The way some of the pros support selected Amateurs weighs in heavily, IMHO.

    I thank Frank for the opportunity to help with my racing costs by paying me to work and although I put in more hours than I had intended, it was good and I greatly enjoyed visiting with the many participants.

    I think the programs went well, even despite the various controversies. The local racers excelled on the roadcourse but it was smooth triiger fingers with good horsepower that made podium on the super smooth King.

    Now, back to "Model" car racing!

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