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Thread: 2006 American Flat Track World - aka "The Flats"

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    looks like you all had a great time -- sorry I missed it this year but hopefully I can work it out for next year

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    Sounds like u guys had a great time. Sorry i couldnt come with the western states the same weekend and 1.5 times the points I couldnt miss it. Even greg will agree that we still had a blast running 24 and 32 eurosport on the mini kngleman at BP.
    James Grinstead


    Why so serious?

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    How About..............

    scheduling the WSC for a different weekend so there is no conflict and racers can attend both races.

    Slugfest/F.T.W. has been on the same weekend for more than ten years but the scale WSC keeps jumping around.

    Lee's race has better payouts, much better plaques, is much more organized and there is less politics. You will never see as much racing packed into two days anywhere else and I guarantee anyone acting like what I saw in the Advanced GT-1 race at the WSC will be 86ed so fast it will make his head spin.

    So Cal's budding Euro racers like James Grinstead and Jonathan Forsyth should be able to attend to hone their flat track skils and gain experience against tough competition. The Seattle guys are very sharp and creative and there is a lot the young guys can learn from a different viewpoint.

    Being able to attend both races will be a win/win situation for all. Raceways will sell more parts and racers will have more fun.

    I can see no negative side to accomodating the racers who wish to attend both races.

    Greg Gilbert
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    How Sweet It Is!!!!!

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