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Thread: The new Euro sport midget .340 dia. HO summarian colbalt x 1.5mm shafted motor

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    The new Euro sport midget .340 dia. HO summarian colbalt x 1.5mm shafted motor

    Is this true a new break through in eurosport power.

    Imagine a motor the size of an HO motor set up in a car using 120 pitch gear running a .450 dia. tire od. with a very low center of gravity possibly weighing about 60 to 75 grams.

    Gee all the rotating masses in the motor will have to be in a total tir of .0001.
    the comm will be cut down and caped to fit the diminsions of the .340 dia HO arm.

    Possibly will there be a new kind of a ceramic solid body commutator that has been doped in a high pressure gass difussion aotoclave with the proper copper deposit on all 3.... 120 segments so that posibly a .005 gold deposit will be the main contact surface for the connuity??????

    a comm that never wears out...you just replate it and diamond lap it in to that 1 rms finish.

    What size wire and how or what lenght of big wire size can fit inside the three
    sements. Will .00004 ohms be the new barrier of ohmage?????
    Basically will there be enough space. for this pee wee.??????

    From what I hear Bubba Verde is hanging out there in data deminsion land hoping seriously this just might happend like all of his controller design work has come to attression.

    Stay tuned folks technology is about to go up in sped scerets.

    I still say eurosport is a sled slot car ...now if it had 2 real front wheels that rolled .....well then it would be a true slot car instead of a desquised wing car
    keep it up BUBBa Verdo.....rewinder 357 saying slap 'em up side the head and make em wake up....keeep it up Verdo

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    There is Nothing New Here

    Small diameter motors have been tried in the past with little success. That's why .480 is the standard for Eurosport today, anything smaller does not work as well. I know that Koford ran the .459 for many years and won many wing car races. But this motor had all the problems Peter Verdo will run into. There has to be a balance between metal, wire and magnet. Too much or too little of any anbd your will not work well. The first thing Koford found out was the .459 blew coms. Solution the Koford bullet proof EDM com. Next was the lack of metal so the .459 had to lengthened to .380 to .400 to run right. Even after all this the .459 was a heater. The standing joke was that you weren't up to operating temp until the armature die turned color. Finally after all the bandages the .459 became a brick (heavy), not what was envisioned in the first place. Koford is now back to .480 or larger.

    Peter's motor will suffer from the same problems in spades! With a much smaller diameter than a .459 how will he get the right balance between wire, metal and magnet? If he has to do what Koford did the motor will turn in to a brick. Also the smaller you go on diameter the more radial your power curve will be, not what you need for Eurosports.

    1/24th Eurosports already weigh between 60 to 70 grams with a Speedshop motor weighing in at 12.5 grams so how much weight is there to be saved? I wish Peter good luck with his new project and if his new motor works Speedshop will be running Dr.Verdo motors.
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    Russsell Sheldon, who some of u might have heard of posted this pic...

    I don't get this attaching a picture...
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    Anything ever come of these small motors?

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    6 year old thread revival!

    (but possibly a much fresher topic then some others that have been beaten to death here lately!)

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    lee's post still holds ture except maybe f-1 motors
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    What are the F-1 motors? I am looking for something small for a project I am doing.



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