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Thread: Michigan Retro Race #6 Results

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    Michigan Retro Race #6 Results

    A total of 16 entries braved the TSS Hobbies "UK-Black" flat track, for Michigan Retro Race #6, on April 18, 2010.


    Nine drivers took part in a Round Robin.

    1st Bob Foster Laps/235 Best/5.48-orange
    2nd Big Mike 217 5.65-yellow
    3rd Nelson 217 6.05-orange
    4th Bob Y 213 5.97-blue
    5th Racer X 206 5.41-blue
    6th Rich 195 6.10-yellow
    7th Wheels 193 5.94-yellow
    8th Mark P 190 6.14-orange
    9th Matt M 174 6.10-yellow

    Best lap: Racer X 5.41-blue


    Seven driver took part in a Round Robin.

    1st Bob Foster Laps/229
    2nd Big Mike 227
    3rd Bob Y 211
    4th Nelson 209
    5th Racer X 201
    6th Rich 192
    7th Mark P 89

    Best Lap: Big Mike 5.59-red

    Michigan Retro Race #7, will be at TSS Hobbies, on May 23, 2010.
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