This is going to change Retro racing a bit. Quads are 2 tires seamed together, the hard seam in the center makes the tire harder, faster down the straights and smooth in the corners. We have been racing these in Gp10 at Port jeff for over a year. They have made our Gp10 cars a 1/10 faster.
We now had the rubber made in larger donuts for retro. The donuts have a .450 ID and a .900 OD

Donuts are available through the raceway $6.50 per pair (Now in Stock)

Our new Euro hub (Mossetti copy) in 3/32 will be in soon. 1/8 Hubs are already in stock.

Complete tires $13.98 will be available at the raceway.

All our ready to run tires will also be available to the Distributors. Raceway's can start placing orders.