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    Slotcar Racer Today - INDEX


    Pages 1-9 January 2011

    • Introductory remarks and welcome by several OWH members.
    • Numarc makes me concentrically ground sharp points on the ends of a 2mm axle to use in a magnetic balancer.
    • Answers to Pilmat’s question about Bulldog chassis set up, rail sizes, rear steer, etc
    • Introductory remarks about Proformance Racing, Inc. HOGGER diamond wheel for tire truing.
    • DYKEM for preventing rust on steel chassis
    • The NORCAL January race at Slot Car Raceway with 100 entries
    • Richard Mack 1/24 scale F1/JRL chassis
    • Koford products for unshunted motors M609 & M608 and Cahoza #255 springs
    • Slick 7’s “Hybrid GT12” chassis RTR race cars
    • Preparations for the race at TNT Raceway in Modesto, California
    • Third Eye Technologies FETroller as used at the Modesto race
    • Info on the Hakko 936 with the medium-sized 907 handle. A kit to convert the handle from medium to large tips.
    • A number of questions from Dystyn Wade regarding arm size, airgap and gearing. Some great answers from Andy at AB Slotsport. SCR Q&A on post #98, page 7
    • Q&A on Hawk motor specs
    • Cahoza carbon fibre hubs, much discussion
    • Pictorial tutorial on adjusting the Horky ES24 pan height page 8 post #110
    • Received Camen single mag 480T X 300L set up

    Pages 10-16 February 2011

    • Building motors with Cahoza parts (yawn)
    • Difalco controller talk, Bugenis toroid choke for F1 racing
    • Pat’s prep for the UK32 qualifications
    • Working on a Tazer prototype, much interest in Tazer thru February
    • Complaint about 70 degree heat in the Bay Area, 24 temp records broken in one day
    • Cahoza 42T 16 deg spurs and various pinions, how they mesh
    • Motor/gearing experiments, Cahoza set ups at .530” and 8T pinion
    • Eurosport arms, lifting stack corners
    • Race report from SCR 2/14/11, Eurosport & GT12
    • Preparation for NORCAL race at TNT Raceway…gluing donuts and HOGGER
    • New Horky ES24 build, 3.1s at SCR
    • Tire building Q&A with Zippity
    • The passing of Rob McQuiston
    • 16D info from Monty Ohren

    Pages 17-27 March 2011
    • NORCAL race prep (Modesto) followed by Nats race prep (Chicago).
    • Static balancing wheels.
    • Testing results of Cahoza hubs (carbon fiber)
    • The Great Fever of March 2011….cancel a concert, cancel NORCAL at Modesto
    • Mic’s motor builds.
    • More questions about the Modesto hillclimb
    • Link posted to NORCAL website
    • Washing magnesium hubs in warm water? Zippity is scratching his head on that one….
    • Cleaning tip with Pledge by Berteinstein
    • How to choose a hub size based on rear axle height…some Speedshop philosophy on this topic
    • Putting a Valiko arm ground to .470” into a Gulliver set up with .480” airgap
    • Experiment with .350” hubs on eurosport
    • Discussion of motors for ES32
    • Mic’s work with the Tazer chassis….how to turn a Tazer into a Stinger
    • USRA rules for replacing broken parts on GT12 chassis, and source to purchase said parts
    • Lots of Nats preparation…painting bodies, trying different cobalt motor combos
    • Dental loupes and slotcar racing eyewear
    • Lee posts that plenty of Valiko arms are on the way for the Nats
    • Mounting “Piero Spec” Camen F1 motor in the Horky chassis…Vitula hypoid crown gears….not Italian, they are Czech!
    • Pinion gears….EDM versus standard made by hobber…80 pitch…cheap ones as good as EDM?
    • Mic’s work with a soldered pin at the rear of the Tazer….a temporary lock up of the rear steer
    • Discussion of Swanson’s large arms

    Pages 28-35 April 2011

    • Aligning pinion gear on F1 eurosport
    • Idea about mounting a Falcon motor on a comm lathe to make a shaft grinding attachment….but no photos : (
    • Gary Johnson leaves for the Nats in Chicago a week early….tips on how to learn “The Monster” at Mid America.
    • More about small arms versus big arms in GT12 motors.
    • Pat sending a free copy of Slot Car Racing News to Zippity
    • Post Nats thoughts and results.
    • Coring donuts with the RGEO donut cutter (photo on p 29)
    • Post mortem of ES32 motor….expanding stacks rubbed the magnets turning it into a Falcon 5
    • The Battle of The Titans 2011….Lee and Dan “discuss” eurosport armatures
    • Post #455 really good info on stack laminations by Dan Miller
    • Start of the building of the Mack 1/24 JRL/Indycar chassis with photos
    • Introducing Ingram…..no, not Chuck Ingram of tire making fame….Alan Ingram of Seattle
    • Super Wasp vs Contender in JRL/Indycars
    • Applying super glue to JRL front tires for less rolling resistance with GearBear’s lathe video
    • Pat puts in a plug for the latest Slot Car Racing News (UK)
    • Work update from Mic prepping for the ISRA series race

    Pages 36-45 May 2011

    • Rocky’s trip to Corona, CA
    • Pit shelf project started with Whitey’s Slotcar Boxes.
    • Mic’s NE ISRA race report….Andrew has the UK Black, looking for space
    • Speedshop Spec modifications/tuning for Horky 1/24 Eurosport chassis
    • Slotcar Racer’s introduction to the X25 chassis with comments by Jerry123, Jeff and Mic followed by a lot of discussion including Gawronski’s use of the chassis.
    • Introductory photos and discussion of Red Fox Starfighter body
    • Staying home for Mothers Day….always a good decision
    • Preparation for Seattle Slug Fest
    • Lee wondering why I have so much trouble with 80 pitch pinions….me too…and more on how to install a pinion on a eurosport motor
    • Spoiler height for the Outisight Bent Lee
    • GearBear gets an EMCO Compact 5 lathe
    • Dave Harvey contact information, good source for Horky pinions, always in stock
    • Good build tips from Mic on JRL motors, big, big diameter arms!
    • Results of a race at Slot Car Raceway: Falcon LMP, GT12 and Eurosport
    • Preliminary prep for the July race in Philadelphia…Group 10 and JRL
    • Starfighter….the long and short of it
    • Jeff also prepping early for the Philadelphia race
    • Some thoughts on Open 12 versus GT12 chassis
    • Greg N discusses upgrades to his Difalco controller and his interest in the HNR versus Mack Indycar chassis.
    • Jim Radford confirms routing from SEATAC to PSCR for the Slugfest
    • Sports psychology
    • Mic builds a Mack JRL chassis with photos
    • Trip to Seattle for Slugfest. 2nd place behind GearBear in GT12, Won Eurosport
    • Super race report from GearBear (as usual)

    Pages 46-56 June 2011
    • Rocky’s painted bodies ready for Philadelphia
    • Drawings and photographs of the Super 8 track with much discussion
    • Tuning tips for X25 chassis
    • Gearing ideas for Super 8 from Hermanator
    • Test results for Hermanator’s ES32 Castricone
    • The advent of the term “ablation” with accompanying drawings and diagrams
    • Modifications to the front end of the older Horky ES32 to get it to ride lower, shimming the guide tongue thereby raising it.
    • Some reflections on the Horky “Finland” E24 chassis, the 2010 Masters
    • Reports from ISRA NE racers that the Super 8 is beautifully reconditioned
    • Thoughts from Berteinstein on reducing brakes on motors, needed for the Carson City track
    • Continued and much elaborated discussion of the term “ablation”
    • Lee offers his insights on tuning the Horky ES32 chassis
    • The PMP GT12 chassis
    • SR Dinner menu: Belhaven Scottish Ale and Harris Ranch barbequed ribs with XXL artichoke
    • Monty seconds the motion….big thumbs up for Harris Ranch
    • More preparation for Philadelphia…Mack Open 12 current favorite chassis
    • Numerous posts by Dustyn Wade explaining the PMP chassis with tips, etc
    • Discussion of noodles with Zippity
    • Jerry123 shares information on the best Open 12 chassis…..they are GT12s!
    • Long dissertation on Group 12 flat track racing…SR, Jerry123, GearBear
    • Pat posts photo of new BSP Open 12
    • X25 pans…preparing Group 10 for Phillie putting way too much into it…GearBear’s favorite combos for JK chassis
    • Greg N posts report on the refurbished Super 8 track and the Mosetti Nano Motor
    • Whitey’s Slotcar Box traveling shelf unit, breaks down easily for packing
    • Discussion of flexi chassis rules, interchangeability of JK pans, mixing and matching
    • Finished the JK Products 1/32 F1 Falcon car
    • Lengthy discussion of Philadelphia cheesesteaks…where to go, what to order, Pat’s and Gino’s, cheese whiz or real cheese, etc etc etc

    Pages 57-69 July 2011

    • Berteinstein spies the new Castricone 1/24 ES chassis on Slotcar Racer’s workbench
    • Testing for the Philadelphia race is hot and heavy
    • Comments from Patrick in the UK about “colour coordination”
    • Jerry 123 posts the fast lap times for the Super 8
    • Explanation of differences between GT12 and Open 12
    • Axle size for 1/24 ES: 2mm versus 3/32”, the pros and cons
    • Discussion of wearing eyeglasses while racing slotcars…peripheral swim/distortion
    • Fabrication of new “T” part for front of Horky ES32 chassis
    • Much discussion of the new Mack ES32 chassis with discussion from The Master himself, Richard Mack
    • A link to a “Sub Forum”
    • The ISRA Nats in Philadelphia with race results
    • Some commentary on how to hook up a controller correctly
    • Report from Lee on the 2011 Flat Track Worlds in Seattle
    • And followed by more commentary on the same event by GearBear
    • With further additions and comments by Ingram…..
    • Preparation starting for Unca Frank’s Birthday Race
    • Some discussion on silver solder, and Monty notices his zapper in a photo
    • Richard Mack’s underneath soldering technique
    • Testing the Castricone eurosport chassis…different body positions
    • Winglets on the rear of scale bodies and general info on bulletproofing
    • Precut body armor on the PSCR website link
    • Berteinstein thinks he should pay Lee a royalty for the winglet design
    • Testing of the two piece X25 versus three piece with C11 .025” pans

    Pages 70-79 August 2011

    • Discussion of Bulldog 3 .019" front wire tying together the pans.
    • Testing the Castricone chassis with a few different motors.
    • Berteinstein asks how to set up front wheels on 1/32 F1
    • Photos of "PRECOKA" (Apricot), Piero Castricone's club track.
    • Made adjustments to rear steer on Protodog 3
    • Rounding off edges of chassis for improved ablation.
    • Experiments with Pro Slot FX can, weight comparisons.
    • Discussions on the use of an oven to bake in magnets with Skinners Epoxy.
    • Serious testing for the upcoming NORCAL series, flexi testing, Bulldog testing.
    • Purchase of the Macbook Air and ongoing computer struggles.
    • Discussion between Ingram and Berteinstein of motor builders, Frank vs Dub.
    • Testing the ATOM armatures for the first time.
    • New NORCAL rules published by Bluey.
    • Mic posts some preparation for the Bash at the Beach on the RED LIGHTNING.
    • Mic also posts some comments on the Proformance bearing alignment tools.
    • Notes on the Starfighter body....the long and short of it....
    • Greg N discusses X25 chassis for the upcoming Brazil Worlds.
    • Frank's Birthday Bash race report, fun and games with Gawronski as usual.
    • Jerry 123 offers his services for crash testing
    • Lee Gilbert and Slapshot compare and contrast the Castricone and Horky chassis.
    • Berteinstein does a post race tear down of his eurosport and discovers something.
    • Photo montage of the Bulldog 3 kit, how to take the pieces apart.
    • Received the Budgy controller....copy of Pro 2 Czech controller.
    • Discussion of new front upstops on the Bulldog 3 and how much more durable.
    • Berteinstein factual listing of Bulldog 3 findings.
    • Photo montage of the Budgy Controller.
    • Comparisons of Speedshop, FET, Carsteen, Budgy controller...GearBear, Mazur50 & others.

    Coming soon (to be posted below):

    2012 Index!

    Note: All indexing done courtesy of Slotcar Racer (I'm just posting as the web geek).
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    Pages 80-89 September 2011

    • Fantastic controller testing information by Steen of the Carsteen controllers.
    • Full instructions for building the Bulldog 3 as published by Richard Mack.
    • Remembrances of the Super 8 after the great flood of Rotterdam Jct, NY.
    • Preparation of LMP and GT12 for the upcoming NORCAL series first race.
    • Working on the Castricone ES32 chassis and new Camen "Fat Boy" motor.
    • Test results from SCR for all NORCAL cars and the Pro 2 copy controller.
    • Building the new Mack 1/32 F1 Eurosport. Good photos from Pat Skene.
    • Explanation of the NORCAL race format.
    • Almost live race comments from the first NORCAL race at SCR.
    • Weird problem with the LMP motor, discovered a booger thing on the comm.
    • GearBear reports on the first ES32 race at Pacific Slot Car Raceways.
    • Post NORCAL race report....not a positive viewpoint!
    • Several posts about different racing formats following NORCAL race.
    • Discussion of racing ettiquette, passing, etc.
    • Comments about Richard Mack's 1/32 F1 endbell design.
    • Discussion of various pan combos for the X25 and C11 chassis.
    • Comments on ES32, Mack vs Castricone vs Horky....post race at SCR.
    • Using 1.5mm hole 7 tooth 72 pitch pinions on C Can motors.
    • Good photos of the "MTT" at Rocklin compared to Buena Park's track.
    • How to grind a shaft to 1.5mm per Monty.
    • Photos of the newly built Mack 1/32 F1 Eurosport.
    • Photos from the Hermanator Tire Plant in Fairfield, CA. and tire machines.
    • Test session from Rocklin on the "MTT"
    • Monty and Tony Griffin add more information about tire making equipment
    • Warnings from Mazur about cooking food in the epoxy oven. Mmmmmm, epoxy
    • Mazur thinks there is a Chinaman and chicken story.
    • Monty and Tony share thoughts on how to build a tire machine.
    • Warnings of hot sauna-like conditions inside the Rocklin raceway.
    • Lowering the Starfighter body for better cg.
    • Proformance as a good source for ball bearings.
    • Comparisons between high downforce bodies, Bent Lee, Starfighter, HD Caddy

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    Pages 90-97 October 2011

    • Report on the neighbor wife's birthday fiesta.
    • Aftermath of Rocklin NORCAL race. Possible NORCAL changes before the Nats.
    • Post race photos of the LMP and GT12 cars that won both races.
    • Bulletproofing outer pans to prevent body from collapsing
    • Work on the Mack 1/24 Eurosport
    • Thoughts on 16D motor building
    • More work on the Mack 1/32 F1 Eurosport
    • Applying armature dye to steel chassis to mitigate rust
    • Got arms back from Camen reconditioning, finished Mack F1 chassis.
    • Comments from Berteinstein about the Cahoza Production set ups...easy build
    • Waiting for wife to finish aerobics so we can drive to Seattle
    • Question & answers: difference between Box 12 motors and scale racing G12 motors
    • Photos and progress reports from the workbench on Vashon Island, WA
    • Photo from the Happy Dragon restaurant and progress photo on Bulldog 3s
    • Comments on cinnamon rolls at Holiday Inn Express
    • Information on rail sizes for the Mack chassis.
    • Berteinsteins' Bulldog 3 set up information
    • Reconfiguring the Mack F1 chassis to accept the Piero Spec motor.
    • Building the Mack 1/32 Saloon Chassis and the 1/32 Falcon F1 chassis.
    • Ingram's report on the Pt Defiance Zoo and visit to PSCR
    • More on Bulldog 3 set up from Mike K, the "Casey Set Up"
    • Berteinstein discusses honing size discrepancies....bent hone shaft?
    • abslotsport gives instructions on switching out the shaft on a hone
    • Mack 1/32 F1 all built, body mounted, ready for testing!
    • How to mount the motor when using the Vitula hypoid crown gear
    • Greg N discusses F1 gear problems, possible source of problem the pinion
    • Eurosport preparation for a Nats warm up at Slot Car Raceway....which didn't happen
    • A bunch of photos from the Brazil Worlds
    • Comments from Slapshot on his Eurosport program
    • Mom inserts more comments noting that Slotcar Racer and Slapshot are drinking Koolaid
    • A blast from the past....race results from 2006 Flat Track Worlds 1/32 Eurosport
    • Mentalkase notes that the thread is about to top 100 pages!
    • Testing a Hooperdog 3 at the Korkscrew in Modesto, pizza with Hermanator
    • Perhaps the Hooperdog 3 needs a soft motor
    • Test results of a 6T versus 7T pinion on 1/32 F1 eurosport
    • Photos of fully weighted Bulldog 3 and a Hooperdog 3

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    Pages 98-110 November 2011

    • More discussion of rail size for the Bulldog 3
    • And even more discussion of the USRA body list for the 2012 Scale Nats
    • GT12 bodies, the BMW body of choice in Seattle, Peugeot in Chicago.
    • Berteinstein points out all the LMP "wings" should now be the same.
    • Dub likes a lot of spoiler behind the rear axle, push back as far as possible.
    • Photo of parking lot full of donut cuttings.
    • Postings on where to purchase all the USRA LMP bodies.
    • Almost live report from TNT Raceway, Modesto for the NORCAL race
    • Photo and specs for GTP motor for the Nats
    • Photo posted of (blown) fuse for the Budgie Czech controller
    • Suggestion for GTP motors from Steve Forsyth
    • Zippity suggests the "Magnetic Sweet Spot"
    • S16C arms versus Contenders and Wasps
    • Converting the former Camen 18 mag to a single mag set up
    • Painting all the USRA LMP bodies on a cold night in the garage
    • Starting to experiment with less bullet proofing for more body flex
    • Full set of photos of all the USRA LMP bodies mounted on a GT12
    • Results of body testing with Paul Gawronski helping out
    • Lee posts some testing results for the LMP bodies on GT12
    • Backintheslot points out that Amateur GT12 will use high downforce bodies
    • Comments on how our 1/24 ES program seems to be getting nowhere
    • Allan from NZ points out the Bulldog 3 pans get pulled back by motor magnets
    • Driving to Fresno for first practice on the new Anaconda West flat track with photos
    • Discussion of pricing for all days passes (based on Hobbytown's rate)
    • Tamiya Polycarbonate paint is back after an absence for CA reformulation
    • Meal review on the Redwood Cafe in Cotati, CA.
    • Thanksgiving reports
    • Photos of the lighter bulletproofing procedures
    • Photos of animals sleeping after Thanksgiving treats
    • More comments on the X25/C11 combination of parts
    • Testing results of "going back to the future" with older eurosport set ups
    • Phil Matthews returns to OWH with some great ways to test bodies
    • More tech info on the USRA LMP bodies
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    Pages 111-121 December 2011

    • Pilmat discusses comparison of Cheetah 11 chassis to Champion Turboflex
    • Should body winglets be illegal?
    • Bugboy displays contents of his box, some good looking cars…prep for Fresno race
    • Kuni writes that if he dies before his wife, she will dispose of his slot stuff
    • Berteinstein reminds us to be good to our wives followed by other comments of being married
    • Trip to Fresno for NORCAL in December, stayed at Crosslands on Shaw Ave
    • NORCAL race, 103 entries. Mixed results, bad LMP, won GT12
    • Using a floating pin tube on the X25/C11 chassis combo…limiting the movement
    • Preparation for eurosport race at SCR…dealing with axle bearing failures
    • Rebuild the Mack Eurosport using some parts from the Mack Open 12 chassis.
    • Discussion of the difference between 3/32” axles and 2mm axles for eurosport
    • How to do a fast tire change in a eurosport race
    • Disassembling a Castricone 1/24 ES chassis….how to do it and how NOT to do it
    • The great struggle of computers and watching the Piero tutorial
    • Does wifi cause cancer?
    • The eurosport race at SCR…Gawronski runs a 74-1/2 armature!
    • Berteinstein busy gluing donuts and a glimpse of his impeccable workshop
    • Disassembling a 1/24 Horky Open 12 chassis, and putting it back together
    • Some methods of removing extra solder from parts
    • How to forget bringing things to the track, like a controller
    • How to remember to bring things to the track including the controller
    • Wallbasher “check list”
    • Pilmat asks for driving difference between Castricone and Horky eurosports
    • 1/32 scale Dodge Charger body with further discussion of the real car
    • Mic gets a Richard Mack built Bulldog 3 chassis…beautiful craftsmanship
    • Grandson brings parents to the Bay Area to visit his grandparents
    • Got the Super 16C arm back from Camen, great balance!
    • GearBear says he uses a 44T spur to jig the axle on his GT12 chassis
    • Christmas greetings, and soldering 2mm axle bearings into the Castricone chassis
    • Discussion of the X25 center section….C11 pans, .025” versus .030” pans
    • A report from Fresno, lots of racing going on during the holidays
    • Berteinstein comes down to SCR for GTP racing on the Testarossa
    • Why don’t they make a 16 degree angled 40 and 41 tooth spur???
    • New Years Eve thanks to all the Slotcar Racer Today contributors
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    Pages 121-139 January 2012

    • New Years report from Slot Car Raceway, pretesting for Scale Nats
    • Taping pans on 1/32 ES chassis.
    • La Cucharacha heading to Ohio for two weekends of racing.
    • Requests for a Slotcar Racer Today Index.
    • Review of FET testing from 2/1/2011, and purchase of a FETroller
    • Tuning and maintenance suggestions by Mazur50 for the FET
    • Progress report from Mic...building Mack Bulldog 3 chassis...solder from bottom
    • Mom gets back from an overseas journey...sick....but still working
    • More on maintenance of the Bulldog 3 chassis
    • Flyin Brian also building a Mack Bulldog 3...will have CODGER check it over
    • Gluing up first batch of the dreaded bad fish rubber and ensuing bad experiences
    • Discussion of tire wear according to track conditions
    • Discussion of how to "treat" tires chemically
    • Link to Amazon for Slotcar Racer's favorite silver solder...good deal
    • Pilmat discussion of chassis movement and the effects on handling
    • Rebuilt some LMP motors with ATOM armatures...to be tested.
    • Discussion of set ups for the ATOM arms...Koford 450L magnets
    • Where to get good donuts during the Great Rubber Shortage of 2012
    • Hemi winding: what is it? Some explanation by Bill Bugenis
    • Jeff's shameless plug for ATOM armatures
    • Airgaps for C Can motors and some different magnets, how they work
    • GearBear discusses different Cahoza cans and their characteristics
    • Results of preliminary GT12 motor testing with the USRA low downforce bodies
    • Mazur50 converts his hardware to the Pro Slot copper, gets rid of aluminum stuff
    • Mic tests his new Bulldog 3
    • La Cucharacha snowed in with the dog
    • Frank adds another power supply to the Testarossa.
    • Testing at SCR with Hermanator and Gawronski
    • Flyin Brian asks questions about Group 12 mini motors
    • Mom posts a photo of Slotcar Racer's fine Dremel work on a mini motor
    • Fast Freddie starts an interesting discussion of "push start" motors: troubleshooting
    • Mic asks questions about the Mack 1/32 F1 Eurosport chassis and comparison with Horky
    • Pilmat: "side bite versus forward bite"...on a slotcar...please refer to Hermanator
    • Mom discusses tire lotions and potions
    • Proformance gets a batch of good rubber...turns out to be REALLY GOOD rubber
    • GearBear posts a good diagram from Slick 7 on why brushes short out on comm
    • Race report from SR from the Scale Nats warm up race at SCR
    • Flyin Brian asks how to get consistency in body mounting
    • More discussion of Cahoza production endbell hardware...sticking brushes
    • Mic needs a photo of the Mack Saloon chassis AKA 1/32 C Can Eurosport
    • Flyin Brian wins first GT12 race, but asks for advice on driving in traffic
    • Mom shares some observations of how to pass
    • Sam pan introduction to SRT: questions on tire grip
    • Bill Bugenis suggests a wire choke with ensuing discussions of the toroid choke
    • Photos of the 2012 ISRA Worlds track in Sweden with discussion by Steen from Denmark
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    Pages 139-150 February 2012

    • Cutting front of Audi R10 body leaving the diaplane on (NORCAL)
    • Fast Track Hobbies, Rocklin, Calif., new lighting
    • Fast Freddie, more on the push start arms...set up incompatibility
    • Mike K with questions about airgaps, muffins, cream, cup, etc
    • Flyin Brian says Hobbytown is outlawing the Hawk 7
    • Pilmat goes over pricing of mini motors vs C Can motors
    • GearBear says the Starfighter locks up the pans on his chassis (?)
    • Discussion of high downforce GTP bodies
    • Topkat clarifies how USRA chooses bodies each year
    • Pilmat likes the Parma Storm
    • 2/4/12 almost live reporting from Rocklin for NORCAL racing
    • Final wrap up of NORCAL race
    • Review of NORCAL race problems, soldering motors into the JK chassis
    • SR receives the toroid choke...hook up to the white, or the black wire?
    • Mazur50 says using black for the choke also chokes the brakes
    • Berteinstein says his FETroller has all the toggles flipped up...better
    • Definition of a "Track Card" for those who are unfamiliar with this concept
    • Mazur50 and Slapshot exchange a lot of fancy electronic information
    • Mic posts photos of his finished Mack 1/32 C Can Eurosport chassis
    • Regluing Cahoza set ups....the production epoxy is not durable to heat
    • Pat Skene posts a photo of James Cleave's 1/32 Saloon car
    • Discussion of the old Pro Slot can....no longer available
    • First tire testing with the new (good stuff) Proformance donuts
    • 2/13/12 the day the GT12 ran 3.4s. New rubber is fantastic. So it toroid choke
    • Discussion of motor brush tension and tools to check with
    • Tom Hansen advocates for volt meters on controllers
    • Wade weighs in with advice on brush tension....or is it pressure?
    • Photo from Hermanator of the Mack 1/32 ES chassis
    • Jeff714 just out of surgery, back to the track and testing cars
    • Testing at SCR on the day the Bay Bridge was closed...long time driving there!
    • Mic reports 14 F1 Eurosports at their last race...wow!
    • New tire cutting method...use the R-GEO needle plus the HOGGER
    • Hermanator heads up to Boise for the race at Wade Raceway...and updates
    • Flyin Brian posts about the FLAT TRACK FEVER race in Fresno followed by results
    • Meeting with Peter Lentros, owner of the Purple Mile...out for an HO race
    • Lot's of testing of 1/32 ES motors and different chassis on the Testarossa
    • Reassembled the 1/32 F1 motors finally, straightened out Protodog 3
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