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Thread: 2013 American Flat Track Worlds Report

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    2013 American Flat Track Worlds Report

    Any major racing event has its share of good and bad, The Flats held this year at Pacific Slot Car Raceways in Edgewood, Washington (site of the 2014 USRA Nationals this coming April) was of course no exception. Preperations for our event were an arduous task as they are every year. You do your best to plan ahead for every possible problem that may arise but at some point the event starts and you have to hope all will go well.

    This event saw few problems and all were fixed promptly and most importantly in a fair way that did not affect the outcome of any race standings.

    We had: 41 individuals competing in 8 classes for a total of 168 entries. This included 22 main races in a 4 day event. The great news is we finished racing no later than 10:10 pm every night giving races an opportunity for another hour of testing and practice, and time enough for a decent meal and some rest.

    I feel it is necessary to thank everyone involved:
    Diane McCuistion, Roy Dredge, Jeff Sweeney, Tim Burgess - These folks were a huge part of the preparation for the Flats and support throughout the event. Their involvement allowed for great racing and also freed me up to race as well.

    Third Eye Technologies, Camen, Koford, Balance by Beuf, ProSlot, Precision Slot Cars, Eagle Distributing and JK Products - These manufacturers and producers of slot car products were the primary class sponsors which paid for the great plaques we were able to present to race winners. These companies have always been generous in supporting our events and I would encourage you to support them whenever possible.

    The racers from California and Idaho - It takes a special kind of commitment to slot car racing to do a multiple day drive or flight to participate in a race - Thank You sincerely for making the effort.

    And last but definitely not least - our local regular racers: You guys showed up and did what you had to do without fear of the national competition you would face. In the last 4 years you fine folks have made so many improvements in your race programs and your racing, it is my pleasure to race with you guys on a regular basis and to see the successful results of that effort.

    Computer generated race results are available on our website http://www.npl.com/lapmaster/twister...ResultLink.htm

    Tech sheets are also available on google docs here

    Photos throughout the event are also on our website here

    Again, thank you so much to everyone who participated for making this labor of love so rewarding.

    Jim & Diane
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