Sorry for the delays. I forgot to bring my sign in codes for OWH. Paul helped me get logged back in.

G12 was the first race of the event. The rules were USRA Pro12 except for no minimum weight, and 2 motors max. Some of the Europeans brought chassis that were not USRA approved so they were DQ'd. They knew this going in and we all raced anyway. Only 5 entries. Results as follows:

1) Ernie Parrison 571 Laps Best Time: 2.348 USA ( Ernie was also TQ)
2) Bernie Schatz 483 Laps Best Time: 2.495 USA
3) Frank Delamore433 Laps Best Time: 2.600 St.. Maarten
4) Steffen Till 530 Laps Best Time: 2.135 Germany DQ
5) Werner Lange 495 Laps Best Time: 2.39 Germany DQ

Both Bernie and Frank spent extended time in the pits due to crash damage but continued to the end. Mostly a pretty clean race and everyone shared some laughs and more than a few beers after!
Nest race is 27L on Wednesday.