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Thread: Buying track inventory

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    Buying track inventory

    Hi everyone, I apologize if this is the wrong forum location for this post.

    I'm in the planning process of opening a small track in California. Can anyone help me find where to buy inventory at a wholesale price? I worked at a slot car track in the 90s so I'm pretty outdated on the commercial side of things.

    Thanks, Ryan

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    There are several 'commercial slotcar distributors' easily found as well as the 'non-commercial' 1/32 and HO 'homeset' suppliers. I recommend contacting and registering with several as current inventory practice is more 'just in time' than 'we carry all items' of a product supplier.

    A very good option when starting a new raceway is to buy and (maybe) relocate a retiring raceway with their existing inventory, tracks, and experience.

    Get a Federal EIN and State sales tax registration and a 'legal business entity' to start the process.
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