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Thread: John "The Jet" Cukras - 1948-2020

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    John "The Jet" Cukras - 1948-2020

    John "The Jet" Cukras - 1948-2020

    More sad news, as we have lost another icon of the slot car racing hobby: John "The Jet" Cukras.

    John was one of the true legends of the hobby, and was one of the most successful and well-known professional slot car racers of the 1960's & 1970's. John had been active in HO racing for years, and had returned to be an active and competative Retro racer in the past decade.

    His contributions and accomplishments in the hobby and sport of slot car racing were legendary, as well as the influence on so many slot car racers who knew him or those who's lives he had touched through the slot car magazines since the 60's, through social media today.

    He will be missed, but never forgotten.

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    So sad to hear this. He was one of the first slot car legends I heard about as a kid. Was told to put some "Cukras Slop" in my front axle. Though we mispronounced his name. Then I read about his exploits and those of the other pros in the slot magazines. So many years later I see him racing and winning again at BPR(via the www). He graciously signed a MURA "Team Cukras" motor card for me(thanks Nesta). I will miss seeing his smile on the podium photos from BPR.

    Rest In Peace Jet

    We are all just in an endless Round Robin race.
    I'll see you when you come back in on Red.
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