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Thread: C-12 Euro Results

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    C-12 Euro Results

    2004 USRA Scale National Championships
    Raceway USA
    Portland, Oregon
    April 13 - 18, 2004

    OWH's "Almost Live" coverage Sponsored by Parma

    Sunday - April 18

    C-12 Euro
    Twister Track

    C-12 Euro Main

    1 - Colin Herzig - 543 - SoCal
    2 - Kenny Richins - 529 - E WA
    3 - John Emmons - 503 - SoCal
    4 - Phil Phillips - 404 - SoCal

    The C-12 Euro class - the top Amateur class, and final event of the 2004 Scale Nats, unfortunately drew a low number of entries.
    Many racers had already left, so the field was left to a few who had planned on racing this class, and a few who thrashed to put together a last minute entry.

    Chris Radisich had put together a car for Colin Herzig to race, and inspired by his win in GT-12, James Loconto was urged by his dad, his sponsor (InSlot Racing), and his pit crew (some Old Weird Dude) to try to race this class.

    Gary Johnson built a motor for James, but it had endbell problems. Chris Radisich generously came up with yet another C-12 motor for James, but the chipped magnet cracked in half in testing.

    John Emmons and Kenny Richins came fully prepared to race, however, and in fact John loaned another car to Phil Phillips, adding another car to the feild. Last year's winner William Burnside was no longer eligible, so we had hoped that his brother might compete in this class this year, but they opted not to.

    So be that as it may, this fast but still new class was to go on as scheduled with a 4 car field of competitors. Despite the small field, the drivers were still "driven" (that's for you John) by their intense desire to win a National Championship event.

    From the start, Colin took off in front, with Kenny and Phil not far behind, and John just a couple laps behind them.

    Phil chased Kenny for 2nd, but suddenly his motor decided to retire early, and Chris was back to the pits in search of another mill for Phil.

    From there on, the field spread out as Colin lengthened his lead with consistant driving, followed by Kenny, who was fast, and John charging hard, pulling closer to keep them honest. Phil was back on the track, but clearly was the one left standing when the music went off with only 3 chairs (trophy's) left.

    When the power went off, it was the youngster Colin taking the win, followed by Kenny, John & Phil.

    Another very impressive drive for the 13 year old Colin Herzig - winning the 2004 C-12 Euro National Champ Title!

    Colin, in his first Nats, will be proudly flying home with no less then 5 trophies to show for his impressive efforts this week.

    Concours: Kenny Richins

    OWH 2004 USRA Scale Nats Photo Gallery

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